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April 2016
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CBB Has A New Address....
As of April 30, 2016! 
We outgrew our 25-year stay at the 290 / 610 location in Houston. We'll now happily reside in the I-10 energy corridor between North Kirkwood Rd and North Dairy Ashford Rd. Here's our new digs (as of April 30th): 

12141 Wickchester Lane
Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77079

12141 Wickchester Lane

I-10 West to N Kirkwood Exit, make right turn on Wood Branch Park Dr, make left turn onto Wickchester Ln. Our building will be on your left. Parking is behind the building.

While the skill set needed to successfully build and run your own business is varied and impressive, it's not a guarantee that you'll be able to successfully sell that business down the road.
If you're currently a business owner and are enamored by the idea of selling your business either because you're considering retirement, or because the next big thing is percolating in the back of your mind, now is the time to compare your current skill set to this brief list of three characteristics that successful business sellers have in common:
#1: The ability to remove yourself from the day-to-day
This may seem like a given if you're considering selling your business, but many entrepreneurs have a difficult time doing this in preparation for the sale.
For example, if you own a restaurant and are there 12+ hours every day managing everything personally, it may be very difficult for you to seek out and hire an experienced and capable restaurant manager to take over that responsibility. Sure, you can try, but good managers don't like to be micro-managed by a hovering owner that can't relinquish control, nor do they want to be consumed by burdensome hours.
So why is it important for a business owner who wants to sell their business to take this difficult step? Put yourself in the shoes of the prospective buyer. If you're observing a day-in-the-life of that same restaurant and the owner has not yet relinquished control, two scenarios will play out in your mind:
  • There's no way I could devote this kind of time and effort to running this restaurant-I don't even want to.
  • There's no way this restaurant is going to succeed without the current owner.
Both of these reactions are instant turnoffs to otherwise potentially perfect buyers for the business.
If, on the other hand, you can prove through your own actions that the business can and will succeed whether you're there or not, prospective buyers will find it much easier seeing themselves in your role without the fear of hindering the business' performance.
#2: The ability to stay passionate to the last minute
In some ways, this is the opposite of the previous characteristic, but the two are complementary rather than opposing.
Standard human nature leads us to begin emotionally detaching ourselves from a relationship or a project when we see the end in sight. If you've ever had a job and given your two weeks' notice, you know about this first hand. No one expects the last two weeks to be as productive as the rest of the time you worked there.
However, when you're selling your business, even if a deal is pending, you can't afford to slack off and allow your company to coast. In fact, now is the time to stay on top of things and ensure that the business performs full speed ahead. Taking your foot off the pedal could cause a buyer to put on the brakes. Your inaction may result in the buyer losing confidence in the purchase.
Successful business sellers are able to mentally and emotionally prepare themselves for the end of their role as owners without slacking off in their ownership responsibilities.
#3: The ability to move on quickly and easily
You've likely heard of individuals who have worked hard their entire lives so they could enjoy retirement, only to end up absolutely miserable or worse because they haven't fully envisioned the reality of life without a business to run. Their business IS their life.
As a business owner, this is a very real concern since your business has likely consumed a tremendous amount of your time and energy for years. Even if you want to sell, you could be the sale's worst enemy if you haven't given deep thought to what you're going to do afterward and how you're going to fill your time.
If you can't look forward to no longer owning your business, you could easily sabotage the sale without even trying to. Your fear and ambivalence will shine through in every interaction, and smart prospective buyers will know you don't really want to sell, no matter what comes out of your mouth.
So, successful business sellers have a game plan in mind for after the sale. Whether it be another entrepreneurial venture, a change of life focus, or perhaps that restful retirement so many dream about, they know what they're going to do and they're looking forward to it


 Toys To Love
From left-to-right: Benjamin & Bailey Kinney (Sellers), Peggy Tate (CBB Broker), Katie & Trevor Meeks (Buyers)
Established in 1991, and located in an uptown center of Houston's Galleria area, this is a high-end, one-of-a-kind specialty toy store with a committed and loyal customer base. There is a general manager and a supervisor in place to run the operations leaving the new owner to concentrate on learning the business and planning for the future.
The seller has been in the toy business for many years and bought the store in 2008. She decided to sell it so she can become more involved with her very active children. The buyer, a CPA, started her career in public accounting. She recently had a baby, which requires more flexibility. The seller will continue to work in the store for six months to help mentor the new owner. She will also attend toy markets in other cities with her to introduce her around the toy industry and to otherwise show her the ropes. Both the seller and buyer are excited about working together in the transition. SBA financing for the deal was provided by Allegiance Bank.
Peggy Tate listed and sold the business.

 First Class Children's Center
From left-to-right: Demond & Sheila Woods (Buyers), Kristi Shelley (Seller), Marcia Bowron (CBB Broker)
This beautiful, very large daycare center has recently been completely gutted, remodeled, and decorated similar to the big national daycare franchises. The Seller had to sell business for personal reasons. The Buyers got a great deal even though they paid over asking price because we had four full-price cash offers. The Seller "loves her kids" and was emotional about selling but had to.
The Buyers have owned another daycare in Pearland for the last two years and owned a martial arts school before that. Sheila is a professor of accounting at Devry and a local community college and Demond is in I.T. in an O&G company. Sheila has a director's license and Desmond is in the process of getting his also, just so they are prepared if needed. They are implementing some security and tuition paying processes immediately at First Class and very excited about taking advantage of the waiting list the seller had. They will be hiring new teachers immediately to be able to handle larger enrollment. Very exciting for them!.
The business was sold within 1-1/2 months of going to market.
Marcia Bowron listed and sold the business.

 BioTech Plumbing Services
From left-to-right: Floyd & Kevin Barentine (Buyers), Don & Marlene Allen (Sellers), Miles Keefer (Previous Owner still involved in the business), Tom Pence (CBB Broker)
This profitable commercial plumbing company, established in 1997, has served the Houston Metro area for 18 years, earning a solid reputation for quality and professionalism. The company primarily works for restaurants, malls and shopping centers providing bacterial eradication and plumbing services. The company has over 400 customers with around 500 locations. Master Plumber on staff will stay with new owner. Two other licensed plumbers and three licensed drain technicians are also on staff.
The Buyers are father and son, Floyd and Kevin Barentine. Kevin is a licensed plumber and has several years' experience in the industry. This business is the only one they looked at with our firm.
Since the sellers needed to move out of State, we were able to facilitate a sale within five months of going to market.
Tom Pence listed and sold the business.

In March, one of our brokers, Peggy Tate, participated as a business brokerage expert at the Rice University Jones Graduate School of Business in their Enterprise Acquisition lab. The lab is for students who are looking to buy a business. The students gave a brief update on their progress acquiring a business and received feedback from Peggy, a local banker, and their fellow classmates. Peggy was also a speaker in October at the business school regarding "Enterprise Acquisition - The Buy Side."
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What are some of the major reasons why deals fall apart?
Price expectations: The number one reason deals fail is unrealistic price expectations.

Financial Reporting Quality: It's difficult for a buyer to get through due diligence with undecipherable data.

Renegotiating: Whether it be the buyer or the seller, once terms have been settled, stick to them.

Going Solo: Some business owners try to sell their business themselves.
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