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October 2015
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Vacation - it's often an elusive concept for the owners of small businesses. Even when owners do take time off, chances are they're still checking in constantly, which has become increasingly easy to do in this age of the smartphone and ever-omnipresent Internet connectivity. The ironic thing is that this constant owner involvement can actually be detrimental to the value of the business from the perspective of potential buyers.
As we have discussed in previous articles, it is important for owners to get out of town occasionally in order to help increase the value of the business in the long term. The attributes of a quality business include:
An owner-driven business is not an attractive asset in a buyer's eyes. An in-place team that can provide continuity and assist in the growth of the business under new ownership IS. An enterprise with infrastructure guiding its revenue-generating capacity is much more appealing than one with a singular person holding the key to the revenue engine. It is important to have systems running the business and an experienced staff running those systems.
If you want to improve your business - plan an extended vacation! Your staff and family will be glad!  It can help you see where the gaps are and where improvements need to be made in order to decrease owner dependence and increase business efficiencies and value.

Owners need to always treat their businesses as an investment, not a lifestyle. Avoid the trap of letting personal identities get wrapped up in the company.

Business owners that believe they are doing the best for their company and family by handling everything are actually creating a trap for themselves. Too many owners find themselves unable to easily extricate themselves from their businesses. They cannot go on an extended vacation, cannot be away from the business without constant communication, and worry that things will fall apart or not be done correctly if they are not there. Sound familiar?

Rather than being strapped like a prisoner to your business take the steps to free yourself and your business...... and then.....sell it and take a walk on the beach.

Point 2 Point Moving Services  
Pictured left to right: Glen Rodkey & John Shaeffer (Sellers), Tom Pence (CBB Broker), David Heath (Buyer)

Established in 1993, this is a full-service moving and storage company with locations in Houston and Austin. The company specializes in serving the moving, packing, storing and delivery needs of upscale clients including corporations, affluent individuals, designer furniture stores, interior designers and high-end antique dealers with a special emphasis on handling fine furnishings and delicate antiques. Great online reviews, testimonials and facilities with over 38,000SF of storage space. As an added bonus to the buyer, the company has recently completed preparing Franchise Offering and Disclosure documents. The new owner can quickly begin expanding by franchising this successful concept into other cities.
The buyer is a CPA, MBA, and now a former finance executive in the energy industry. He had been looking for a business with us since July this year and this was the fourth business he looked at. The business was sold within three months of going to market. Seller financing was part of the transaction.
Tom Pence listed the business and sold it.

National Fluid Power Institute
Pictured left to right: Marcia Bowron (CBB Broker), Richard Swann & Lonnie Boulware (Sellers), Peggy Tate (CBB Broker), Larry & Kathy Rose (Buyers)
This company was established in 1995 and offers nationwide classes geared towards maintenance, mechanical and engineering personnel in the energy, manufacturing, mining and government sectors. Rick, the founder, established the company on his own in 1995 after working for another company in the industry. After building his clientele, he needed a partner and brought Lonnie on a couple of years later. They've worked really well together each handling different aspects of the business. Lonnie worked the corporate office in Amarillo and Rick lived in New Braunfels. After 20 years, they were both ready for retirement. This past year, once they decided to sell, they transferred a lot of the job responsibilities to the employees to remove themselves as much as possible from the business. Also, clients did not know the owners by name....they knew the trainers and sales people and the company brand....further reducing the concern for a buyer that the business would go away when the sellers went away. The company has well-honed processes and a fully-trained staff running those processes, which is a major value driver for any business because it reduces risk for the new owners. The company also maintained impeccable records.
The buyers had been looking for a business with us since April this year and this was the fourth opportunity they reviewed. Amegy Bank provided SBA financing for this acquisition. The business was sold within six months of going to market.
Marcia Bowron listed the business and Peggy Tate sold it.

Creative Branch Botanicals  
Pictured left to right: Marcia Bowron (CBB Broker), Curly & Blaine Stacy (Sellers), Vicki & Steve Kelly (Buyers), Peggy Tate (CBB Broker)
Established in 2004, this company manufactures high end, cutting edge, permanent botanicals for interior environments. They have a diversified customer base that contains hospitals, schools, retirement centers, interior designers, corporations, model homes and retail furniture stores. The owners were ready to retire.
Steve and Vicki Kelley, high school sweethearts from West Texas, have been married for 29 years. Steve has 20 years of restaurant experience. "In 2005, we decided to tackle a new field and we bought Airway Executive Aircraft Catering, through Certified Business Brokers (CBB). We brought our years of restaurant hospitality to in-flight catering. We wanted to enhance the aircraft catering experience with the qualities of fine-restaurant dining and boy, did it work. The high-end clientele really responded to our quality of operations, with concentrated service and food quality. Airway Executive Aircraft Catering became the contract caterer for the national companies Aviation Services Network, Air Chef, Flex Jet, Flight Options, XO Jet, and Net Jets. We also serviced flight menus for Spectra, ConocoPhillips, Occidental, Dow, Chevron, Halliburton, and Anadarko. Celebrities, former presidents, ambassadors, and royalty from around the globe were also among our frequent and happy clientele. Houston has a well-known and loved culinary foot-print and we were happy to represent our great city and her diverse food culture. Our motto was always "The Sky's the limit!"
The buyers were ready to embark on a new venture and re-engaged with us in March. They looked at many business and fell in love with Creative Branch and its owners.
This business was sold within 6-1/2 months of going to market. Seller financing was part of the transaction.
Marcia Bowron listed the business and Peggy Tate sold it.

Serious HP
Pictured left to right: Marcia Bowron (CBB Broker), Joel Shaw (Buyer), Jerry & Kathy Stuesser (Sellers)
The Buyer, with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, comes from years of experience with an engineering background in corporate America. "I really enjoy the invention and ideation process. I love mechanical design, I am interested in electronics, and I enjoy programming. I have always enjoyed tinkering. I mainly mess around with cars." Serious HP was the perfect business.
Jerry, the seller, loved being out working on the cars in the garage, but his existing back condition wasn't faring so well. So, for health reasons the owners decided to sell the business. It was sold within three months of going to market.
Marcia Bowron listed and sold the business.

Ask The ExpertsQuestion Ask The Experts

What are the current buyers on the market looking
for in a business they want to buy?

A Buyer's Wish List:
  • A solid business - Although that phrase may be somewhat subjective, buyers are searching for stable companies with a track record of success. Savvy buyers look at a business as a lender would: requiring a history of financial data that is able to be verified. Filed tax returns are the preferred record for conducting due diligence. It is also important that a business be established. Most lenders require a minimum of three consecutive years of financial history.
  • Reasonable seller expectations - This comes into play at the first moment a buyer begins looking at a business for sale. Does the seller receive an adequate income from his company? Are his revenues increasing or, in this economy, at least staying consistent from year to year? Is his business priced appropriately? Will the seller consider offering some financing?
  • Disclosure during the due diligence phase - Buyers hope sellers will share the items requested in a timely fashion and be able and available to answer questions or present further information where necessary. Courtesy and common sense should prevail during this delicate phase of the business transfer process.
  • A smooth closing - Just as the seller wishes, the buyer also wants the closing to be a positive experience for both parties involved. It is a time of celebration, not a venue for uncertainty, debate or hesitation. By the time everyone is seated at the closing table, all questions should have been answered, all pre-closing paperwork completed and the buyer and seller should be confident this is a win-win situation for everyone involved.
  • A seller who stays involved (for a while).  While a typical buyer probably has some new ideas for the business, almost all buyers want training and initial support from the seller. Buyers want to be successful and retain employees and customers wherever possible and practical. Buyers look for sellers who will spend a couple weeks or couple months, or longer (depending on the size and complexity of the business) showing them the ropes.  Buyers are especially appreciative if a seller remains available at a later date should an unexpected question arise. Buyers generally do not want sellers to be involved for a long period of time, unless they have previously presented the seller with an offer of employment. A buyer wants to feel comfortable and prepared as he assumes control of his new enterprise.
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