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October 2014
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A Venture Capitalist, An Entrepreneur, And A Hell's Angels Biker Are On A Plane



The When Of Business Ownership


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Buy-Side Engagement

CERTIFIED BUSINESS BROKERS ("CBB"), has been retained by a $150MM fast-growth materials procurement management company to identify oil and gas services and related companies.

Our client is a global, innovative company serving the oil and gas industry worldwide, including upstream and downstream. With offices in Houston and Miami and a large clientele in Venezuela, the Company is in the process of setting up operations in Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador.


To meet the demand of its customers and to enhance its product offerings, our client has embarked on a strategy to add select, high-quality energy service companies to its portfolio through merger or acquisition.


The Company is well-capitalized and able to move quickly. They believe they can bring funds, experience, and relationships that will support further growth. They are also open to discussion on the terms for an orderly, successful transition with regards to the management team and ownership.


CRITERIA: Businesses located within 4 hours of Houston. Target industries:

  • Oil & gas service companies (Pipe testing services, oil and gas field service)
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline and Related Structures Construction (Compressor, metering and pumping station, gas and oil pipeline, construction)
  • Oil well drilling machinery and equipment rental or leasing

Baby Boomers: Incredible Numbers Are Buying And Selling Businesses


The Baby Boomers (about 70,000,000 of them) are poised to make a great impact on the American economy.

  • Retiring Boomer business owners will sell or bequeath $10 trillion worth of assets over the next two decades.
  • These assets are held in more than 12 million privately owned businesses.
  • More than 70 percent of these companies are expected to change hands.
  • The sale of almost 12 million businesses over the next 10 to 15 years represents a significant increase in the annual number of businesses that will be sold.
  • These owners of businesses should have a valuation performed by a business broker, to map out a strategy for selling and structuring the sale of the business.
  • Planning ahead will enable business owners to achieve the best transaction possible during this Boomer-induced wave of business sales.
  • The 12,000,000 businesses likely to change hands over the next 10-15 years might involve a large number of boomer-to-boomer sales.
  • Baby Boomers ages 45 to 64 form businesses at a higher rate than other age groups.
  • 55 to 64 year olds form businesses at the highest rate of any age group.
  • Many of the Baby Boomers are too young to retire; they typically have ample capital through savings, investments or other assets; they have job-related skills accumulated through a lifetime of work; and many have lost faith (and money) as a result of large company layoffs and restructurings; and many will buy their own business in coming years.
  • Many Boomers find themselves unhinged from their traditional employment safety nets. This dislocation has fueled an intense desire and need to have control of their destinies.
  • Ironically, now small business ownership is seen as much more safe and secure than working for a large company.
  • So, in the coming decades, not only are we likely to see millions of Baby Boomers selling businesses they now own, we will also see additional millions of Boomers (who've spent their lives working for someone else), buying businesses.
  • The next two decades will see a significant increase in the number of small and mid-sized businesses being bought and sold by Baby Boomers, in addition to the other generations of Americans that business brokers regularly deal with.



Heritage Children's Daycare & Learning Center  

Pictured left to right: Anny & Xiomara Zabala & Family (Buyers),

Jay Yoo (CBB Broker), Seema & Dinesh Gupta (Sellers)

Sellers, Seema & Dinesh Gupta, have full-time corporate jobs and decided to put this 5,000 square foot childcare center in the growing, upscale Katy area of Houston, on the market.  A full-time director on staff runs day-to-day operations, which was perfect for the Zabala's, an entrepreneurial family interested in real estate and business investments. Another aspect of this business that was compelling to the buyers was the fact that it was directly in the traffic flow of the new Grand Parkway, soon to be completed. There were a total of four offers on this business and the Zabala's felt fortunate to have won this gem location.

Jay Yoo listed and sold the business.



Natural Dawg Cuisine Pet Center  

Pictured left to right: Marcia Bowron-CBB Broker, Cathy Estes-Seller,

Matthew & Jaclyn Harris-Buyers


Situated in a booming area on the northwest side of Houston, this very popular dog food, grooming, and pet supply center, is well-known in its community and very involved in community events.  The seller, Cathy Estes, had to sell the business in order to have more time to care for aging parents.

The Buyers, Matthew & Jaclyn , the dog lovers that they are, are very excited about their new venture.  Since SBA Financing was being sought by the buyers, a key factor that helped the deal go smoothly was that the seller had good books, records and tax returns. Another factor was that Matthew, who will be managing the operation, was strong on experience with a BBA in Management, a MBA, plus his professional background as the General Manager of one of the largest retail pharmacies in the U.S. The business was sold within four months of going to market.


Marcia Bowron listed and sold the business.



Otto's Restaurant

Pictured left to right: Rodd Kirby (Seller), Tom Pence (CBB Broker), Aaron Lyons (Buyer)


The Seller, Rodd Kirby, sold the restaurant in order to manage his growing CRM technology company (www.crmm.com) where he serves as CEO of the venture.


The Buyer, Aaron Lyons, owner of Dish Society, a casual farm-to-table restaurant that offers a local ingredient-driven and chef-inspired menu, primarily purchased the restaurant for its location and demographics. Lyons developed the concept for Dish Society while earning his MBA at The University of Texas at Austin. Though he initially planned to open the first location in Austin, Lyons ultimately found a much greater demand and opportunity for his concept in Houston, with the acquisition of this restaurant.

The deal consisted of some seller financing and the previous owner even decided to invest in the new restaurant venture. The deal closed within three months of going to market.

Tom Pence listed and sold the business.




This was a rare opportunity to own a FedEx route in Austin. This independently-owned business is contracted with FedEx Corporation to make deliveries in a protected route giving rights to cover two high growth areas in the Austin Metro Area. The previous owner went back to Corporate America. Two delivery trucks were included in the sale. The deal closed within two months of going to market.


Buckley Kohlhauff listed and sold the business.


Ask The ExpertsQuestion Ask The Experts


I'm in the process of selling a business. The buyer want's a 10 year lease (I have 10 years remaining on the current lease). The buyer want's an additional 5 year option incorporated into a new lease. The buyer is well qualified but the landlord does not want to offer the 5 year option. As the business value is comprised of current revenue along with a large investment in current equipment and infrastructure it's reasonable for the buyer to want the 5 year option. The landlord indicates they are not sure what they want to do with the property in 10 years, so they do not want to extend the option clause. I don't feel their position is reasonable. What legal position do I have in this matter? 



While we cannot give legal advice, we can weigh in on your question from vast experience of getting deals done. Unfortunately, unless there is a provision to the contrary in your lease, the landlord has no legal obligation to grant you or anyone else an extension to an existing lease term. Just as the landlord could not increase the rent unilaterally, you cannot force an extension in the lease term unilaterally. The landlord does not even need a reason. We always recommend confirming legal issues with your attorney.


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