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 Late Fall 2014 Newsletter 
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On Sunday, October 19th the NYS Association of Manufacturing Retail Bakers inaugurated it's new President, Nick Stork.  Our next newsletter issue will be dedicated to Nick's inauguration, but for now this issue will be paying tribute to our previous President Joe Gifoli.  Joe was President for five years or two and one half terms.  He became President in 2009 staying on longer because there was not another officer ready for the position.  Joe was also on the EXPO committee for the Atlantic City Show since 2006.   Joe's Presidency followed Biagio Settepani (2007), Aaron Wasserman (2005), Paul Sapienza (2003), and Richard Reinwald (2001).  Here are some things that Joe's peers have said about his Presidency:
Biagio Settepani, Chairman of the Board during Joe's Presidency:   " Joe Gifoli, during his term as president , worked so hard to put the New York State Bakers Association on a pedestal.  We, as a group are thankful for all of his hard work and dedication.  We will sure miss him at the helm. " 

Karl Reisterer:  " I have known Joe Gifoli for many years, and he has always been a big help to the bakery industry.

 If I had any questions, Joe would always get back to me very fast and thoroughly.  Joe is a great family man and an outstanding pillar to the baking industry. "


Werner Simon: " I have observed over many years that Joe is a very special person;  he always sees the good in everyone and has a great sense of humility about him. He is very likable and does a lot for the Association.  I am sure that Joe will continue to be very active in the Association."

Aaron & Sonya Wasserman:  "Joe is a great guy,  and he has a beautiful family.  We wish him all the best and thank him for all his important and input to our organization. Love You Joe!"


Paul Sapienza:  "I'd like to thank Joe for being the level-headed and open-minded leader for more years than any previous president, during changing times in our industry, a time when those qualities were really needed.  Thank you Joe!" 


Kathy Fehn:  " I would like to thank Joe for all his years of service to our Association and the baking industry.   Whether times were good or bad, Joe could be depended on.  When there was no one else able to step up to the plate, he continued his Presidency for additional years.  Thanks Joe!  Wishing you The Best!"


Egon Schimmeck:  I wish him all the best.  It has been a pleasure getting to know him especially with him being a part of the Retail Bakers of Westchester meetings."



Rosanne Rush:  "I am so grateful to Joe for all his assistance in getting the Westchester Bakers Association started.  So often Joe was there for me, and for us.  His support and advice was invaluable.  His traveling up to Westchester for meetings is much appreciated.  Joe is among those in our industry who lead it, work it, and strive to make it the best we can offer people.   I would also like thank Judy and Angelica for their support of Joe.  Joe's Presidency was made possible through their sacrifices and support.  Thank you Judy, Angelica & Joe!" 


Nick Stork:  "Joe has been a great asset of the baking industry.  It has been great to work with Joe over the many years for the bakers and all their families.  I could call Joe anytime I needed him, and he would always come ot the phone and we could talk about anything.  I consider Joe and his family not only as bakers but as close friends as well."


Fred Obermeier:  "Besides being so proud of Joe's achievements as President w are so grateful that he extended his term as President.  He's an all around great guy!  We are Blessed to have him in our Association, and we know he'll be active for many more years.  All the Best to his family for the Holidays."


This article would not be complete without mentioning as others above did, how humble Joe is.  I had asked Joe to email me something about his Presidency that I could write about.  But Joe, being Joe, told me of other Presidents who served before him.  Below is a quote from his email to me:  


"And you have to mention Nick!!  Please call him and put in a nice little bio of his accomplishments as well. His family owned one of the best bakeries back in the 1980's, Stork's Bakery. His father used the best ingredients and the place had a great reputation."  


So folks, there you have it!  Joe wants us to all know about our new President, his history, and all he has to offer.  I will dedicate a column in the next issue to Nick, and fulfill Joe's request.



In the meantime, I know everyone is very grateful to Joe for working so hard for our Association and being such a great President with a First Class First Family!.  Thanks to all the Gifoli Family!Here are some photos of Joe during his terms!




On Sunday, September21st  the Nassau Suffolk Bakers Association held their 82nd annual Banquet at the beautiful Swan Club in Roslyn.

The evening was dedicated to Past Presidents of our Associations.  
We gave tribute to the many that lead the way before us of networking and socializing together.  They not only brought together so many bakers, but their families as well.  One couple Richard and Carole Reinwald met through their parents memberships, and later married. Families came together and fellow bakers shared their lives and wealth of knowledge.

And of course, no Banquet is complete without Charlie Tola's Throwdown.  This year's feature throwdown event was an Apple Pie Throwdown!
Judges were from The Swan Club!



The evening was topped off with Viennese Table consisiting of a plethora of fabulous desserts brought by our Association Bakers!  MMMMmmmmmmmm!

Here are additional photos of the Cakes from the Contest held at the ABDDE Expo!  Held in the Atlantic City Convention Hall on March 30 & 31, 2014

New York Life- Paul Sapienza







1 9-inch round refrigerated pie crust


1/4 cup sugar

4 teaspoons cornstarch

3 cups fresh blueberries

1/4 cup dried apricots cut into 1/4-inch pieces

Preheat oven to 375F; lightly butter four 3/4-cup (6-ounce) baking cups. Place

pastry flat onto a floured board; invert a baking cup 1/2-inch from the edge of the

pastry; with a small sharp knife, cut out a circle 1/2-inch larger than the cup;

repeat to make 4 rounds; cut a small hole in the center of each. In a medium

bowl, combine sugar and cornstarch; add blueberries and apricots; toss to coat;

divide equally among the buttered cups. With water, lightly moisten the rim of

each cup; place a pastry round on each cup; fold under the edge and crimp.

Repeat. Place cups on a rimmed baking pan. Bake until the filling just begins to

bubble, 25 to 30 minutes. Cool 5 to 10 minutes. Serve warm. Or, bake earlier

and reheat in a 375F oven until warm.


YIELD: 4 portions

Per portion: 328 calories, 55 g carbohydrate, 12 g total fat (5 g saturated fat)




U. S. Highbush Blueberry Council, Thomas J. Payne Market Development, www.blueberrytech.org

Follow the US Highbush Blueberry Council on twitter @happyblueberry.

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Bakers Amusement Corner
Jokes, Quotes

Q: How can you tell that a blonde's been baking chocolate chip cookies?

A: There are M&M shells all over the floor




Let's have a little fun! 

RULES: The quiz question will ask about the current newsletter's content.  However, be forewarned that the answer may be in the newsletter OR in a link included in the newsletter!


The first person to reply with the correct answer will win the opportunity to have their photo or their bakery's photo in the next newsletter, with a short blurb about your business!

This newsletter edition's question is:

Send your answers in to: Info@NYSbakers.org 
The previous edition's question was: 
Where will this year's annual convention and installation dinner be held?

The answer is:

Danfords in Port Jefferson!

This quiz did not have a winner! :( 

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Our Condolences go out to Richard and Carole Reinwald and their family on the recent loss of Richard's mother, Helen Reinwald.

 Helen Reinwald, 88, of Bellerose and Wading River, passed away on November 8, 2014. Helen was born in Manhattan in 1926. and she and Joseph married in 1946.  Together they opened Reinwald's Bakery in Bellerose and New Hyde Park. She retired in 1978 and served at St. John the Baptist Church in Wading River as a Eucharistic Minister and was Regent of the Catholic Daughters of America for many years.  Loving mother of Susan Paradise (Gerard), Andrew, Richard (Carole),Christine Moretti (Eugene), Edward (Susan) and Joseph. Adoring grandmother of 14 and great-grandmother of 5. Dear sister of Marie Hugel. 

 Allow me to continue including you on our Summer Road trip!  You may remember that the previous newsletter issue left off after our visit to the Plaza Food Hall where we lunched.  Fully satisfied with our fare, we headed to Sprinkles at 780 Lexington Avenue where many of us encountered our first view of a cupcake ATM!  Yes, folks, there ARE Cupcake ATMs!  Ed Maher from Tilda's braved the cupcake wilderness and purchased a cupcake from this unique ATM for $4.25  The ATM can dispense as many as 20 varieties of cupcakes.  It was an experience to say the least!  What will be sold in ATMs next??


Look for tales of our ensuing adventure in the next NYS Bakers newsletter.  I'm sure you already wish you'd been with us!
Up Coming Events

Nassau & Suffolk Bakers  Meeting


When: January 14, 2015 at 3 PM

Where: Pattys Loft, Massapequa  ,  New York

New York State Bakers Board of Directors Meeting


When: January 14, 2015 at 3 PM

Where: Pattys Loft, Massapequa  ,  New York


Directions to Patty,s Loft: Southern State to Exit 29, south drive for .7 miles on west side 1286 Hicksville Rd. Massapequa 516 798 7660

Westchester Bakers Association Holiday Party

January, 2015' specific date to be announced

Where:  Texas De Brazil, Yonkers

The Editor together with The NYS Association of Manufacturing Retail Bakeries wishes everyone a Happy, Healthy and Blessed Christmas and Hanukah.  May you all be surrounded by your treasured family members, comforted by the memories of your loved ones who have passed, and look forward to a New Year filled with New Memories in the making.  I would like to take this opportunity to also thank all of you who have helped me with the newsletters, especially Eddie Maher.  
Special Thanks to our Board Members also.
Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukah
and a Very Happy & Healthy New Year!