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 Mid Summer 2014 Newsletter 
New York State Bakers Officers

Chairman of the Board 

Biagio Settepani


Joseph Gifoli

1st Vice President 
Nick Stork

2nd Vice President
Aaron Wasserman 

Werner Simon

Edward Maher

Newsletter Editor
Rosanne Rush 

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Please come join with us for our Annual Convention and Installation Dinner.

The NY State Association of Manufacturing Retail Bakers' Presidency will be passed from Joseph Gifoli to Nick Stork this coming October 19th at Danfords in the beautiful village of Port Jefferson, New York.  

Enjoy one of Long Island's most enchanting destinations; luxurious hotel surroundings with spectacular views of the Long Island Sound nestled in the historic Port Jefferson village.  

Please come and support our new Officers as they have supported others in the past.  The committee would very much appreciate you being there!  Join us in celebrating:

Sunday, October 19, 2014
Cocktail Hour:  6 to 7 PM
Cash Bar
Installation Dinner: 7 PM
Dinner cost is $50.00 per person.  The State will pay for taxes and gratuities.
After Dinner:  Gather in the Presidential Suite 

Monday, October 20, 2014
The State Meeting will take place at 9 AM

At your leisure be sure to talk a walk around this spectacular area of Long Island.  

For Dinner reservations call Nick Stork (516) 404-2024 or Rosanne Rush (914) 255-5991.

For Hotel reservations call Danfords at (631) 928-5200.  Ask for Amy or Christine in group sales and be sure to mention you are with the NYS Bakers Association in order to get the group rate.

President Joe Gifoli and President Elect Nick Stork




  It was the morning of Monday, August 11th.  As was the habit of most bakers we were all up while the moon still shone, and long before there was a hint of summer's glorious sunshine. But this day would not be spent in our kitchens or in the front of our stores.  We were not to begin overseeing the day's fresh breads being baked, the decorating of sumptuous cakes, or placing the day's orders to our suppliers.  Not this morning! THIS was the morning we all waited for since last year's fishing expedition.  THIS was the day we were all in search of THE BIG ONE that wouldn't get away!  WHO would be the fortunate fisherman/woman?  I wondered, "Would it be ME?"  And then I saw the look in everyone else's eyes, realizing they wondered the same!

We all enjoyed the fruits of our labor as several brought baked goods to taste.  The ship's galley smelled of bacon, eggs, and that wonderful aroma of maple syrup.  Outside on deck one could enjoy the sea's salt in the air as the Ocean Eagle V left Pier 5 in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn,  heading out to sea with all of us in search of THE BIG ONE!

As we were under way many entered the Boat's or Baker's pools, all hoping to win, all hoping to catch THE BIG ONE!





As we headed out , the sunshine warm on our faces, we gathered with longtime friends, reminisced of past Association events and fishing trips.  What could be better than this?  Well, maybe catching THE BIG ONE!



There were those like Jay Garcia's son,  Benicio, who had a blast with the tiniest fish we've ever seen!  We all enjoyed his adorable  smile!


Midday we dined on salads, hot dogs and hamburgers, with the rolls that enveloped them, from Ed Maher's bakery, Tilda's in Rocky Point.  Now really, who had it better than us on that fabulous August day on the high seas?  Well, maybe the one fisherman who would catch THE BIG ONE!  





We dropped our lines in, sometimes to make a great catch, some to thow back for next year, and some to keep.  And then of course there were those thieves of the deep that stole our bait.  But that did not deter us from continuing our quests for THE BIG ONE!
The Captain was on the job all day..........moving us from one spot to another, as he knew we were all in search of THE BIG ONE!  

Alas, two women caught "THE BIG ONE!"  Yes, folks there were TWO BIG ONES this trip.

Nick and Karen Stork's granddaughter, Mary Stork won the 1st prize in the Boat pool, and 2nd prize in the Bakers' Pool.  You rock, Mary! 

Fred Obermeier's daughter, Anita Scicolone won 1st prize in the Bakers' Pool, catching a five and a half pound Fluke!  What a catch, Anita!

Congratulations to both ladies!  GREAT FISHING! 
The men will have to step it up next year!

After a great day out on the high seas we headed back to Brooklyn, enjoying the sunshine and salt filled sea air.  Some of us watched as the crew cleaned our catches.  What a great job they did.   Others continued conversing about the day, and what a fantastic one it was!

Here we are, back at the dock, all now anxious to go home and prepare our catches!  

I'm happy to say I dined on the fish I caught, after marinating it in wine, and spices....MMMMmmmmmmmmm, it was delicous!  
Now, who has it better than we did, that beautiful sun drenched day, with the wind in our hair, the sun raining down on us, all in search of THE BIG ONE?  One of  those that we threw back on this day may certainly become next year's BIG ONE!  

Come join us next year, and you too might be the fortunate fisherman/woman to catch THE BIG ONE!


The ABDDE 2014 show was so extraordinary that it was not possible to post all the photos from it.
Here are some photos from some of the exhibitors who helped to make this show so successful:

Additionally the Educational classes were the talk of the town!  You were a sure winner if you attended one ot them.  Here are some photos from those classes:

Here are additional photos of the Cakes from the Contest held at the ABDDE Expo!  Held in the Atlantic City Convention Hall on March 30 & 31, 2014



 Due to the amount of entries the NYS Bakers newsletter will show several in each upcoming newsletter.








Yield:  Ten 9-inch tortas






Sugar, granulated



Butter, softened



Flour, all purpose



Baking powder



Eggs, whole



Blueberries, cultivated, fresh or frozen



Confectioner's sugar








Blend together sugar and butter.  Add flour, baking powder and eggs; mix to combine.  Spread in prepared pans.  Sprinkle blueberries (patted dry to remove excess moisture) evenly over batter.  Bake at 350F about 1 hour, until done.  Cool.  Drizzle each torta with confectioner's sugar and milk icing. 


U. S. Highbush Blueberry Council, Thomas J. Payne Market Development, www.blueberrytech.org

Follow the US Highbush Blueberry Council on twitter @happyblueberry.

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Bakers Amusement Corner
Jokes, Quotes
Sarah was never tall enough to reach the cookies in the kitchen so she always asked her brother to get them for her, becuase he is taller and older than she. When Sarah was about 8 (her brother still had to get the cookies for her) she was dared to eat a dog biscuit. After she ate one, she went home and punched her brother. For her whole life he had been giving her dog biscuits instead of cookies.  

Let's have a little fun! 

RULES: The quiz question will ask about the current newsletter's content.  However, be forewarned that the answer may be in the newsletter OR in a link included in the newsletter!


The first person to reply with the correct answer will win the opportunity to have their photo or their bakery's photo in the next newsletter, with a short blurb about your business!

This newsletter edition's question is:
Who caught "The BIG ONE" on this year's fishing trip?
Send your answers in to: Info@NYSbakers.org 
The previous edition's question was: When is National Blueberry month in the United States?
The correct answer was
 July and was answered by Anita Wunsch.
Anita and Ernie Wunsch owned Bauer's Bake Shop from 1993 until 2009.  Ernie now works at Junior's cheesecake and Anita manages the building where the bakery used to be.  
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Up Coming Events
New York State Bakers Convention and Installation Dinner
October 19,2014
Danfords, Port Jefferson, New York
Call 631 928-5200 and ask for Group Sales
Mention you are with the NYS Bakers Group
(see article above for more information please)

Nassau & Suffolk Bakers  Meeting

When: Wed., Sept 3, 2014  at 3 PM
Where: Patty's Loft, Massapequa, NY


New York State Bakers Board of Directors Meeting

When: Thursday, September 18, 2014

Where:  Platt Deutsche, Franklin Square,  New York

Westchester Bakers Association Meeting:

When: Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Where:  Roasted Peppers Restaurant, Mamaroneck, New York

Nassau/Suffolk 82nd Annual Banquet
When:  Sunday, Septemer 21,2014
Where:  The Swan Club, Roslyn, New York