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Late Fall 2013 Newsletter 
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 Angelica, Judy and Joseph Gifoli

On September 29th the Nassau/Suffolk Bakers Association honored Joseph Gifoli at their 81st Annual Banquet, held at the Fox Hollow Inn in Woodbury, New York. 

Joe is a certified executive pastry chef of the American Culinary Federation.  He is the current President for the New York State Baker's Association, and a past President and current member of Nassau/Suffolk Bakers' Association.  He is also a committee member of the American Deli Dairy Expo and a member of the Westchester Bakers Association.
Joe began his baking career at the age of 14, working and learning all through the years.  He is presently expanding his shop,The Gourmet Bakeshop in New Hyde Park  to twice its original size.  He and his lovely wife Judy have a beautiful daughter, Angelica.  Joe loves his family and is grateful for their support and inspiration.  The bakery business would not be successful or rewarding without them by his side.

Angelica Gifoli, Eileen Briggs, Judy Gifoli,
 Kathy Fehn, Mrs. Gifoli, Richard Reinwald, 
Joe Gifoli and Eddie  Maher

The banquet was well attended.  Together President Kathy Fehn, Ed Maher, Charles Tola and Eileen Briggs did a wonderful job of organizing the evening. 

 George Delaney, Dale Biles, Patricia Philbin, Joe Gifoli, Ken Downey, Jr. and Jay Yucht

Charles Tola organized a cheesecake throw down.  Winners of the throw down were:
1st Place:  Kathy Fehn of Fehn's Bakery in Seaford, NY
2nd Place: Eddie & Joanne Maher of Tilda's Bakeshop in Rocky Point, NY 
3rd Place:  Charles Tola of Lulu's Bakery in Fresh Meadows, NY

1st Place winner, Kathy Fehn with 
3rd Place winner, Charles Tola

N/S President Kahy Fehn with 2nd place winners Joanne & Ed Maher with Charles Tola

GLUTEN FREE!  is one of the most talked about items in our industry.  
I quote Werner Simon who held the gluten free workshop hosted by Able & Schafer at his and his wife, Cindy's bakery, Manhattan Sweets Bakery in Islip, "I have been sceptic about this for several years, but we can not stop what consumers want.... The global market will reach over 6 billion in sales by the year 2018 and over 40% of this market is in the US, and the best news, 59% of this market will be in the bakery sector.
When was the last time that you heard of such an opportunity in our market?"
The products shown at the workshop were gluten free. Abel and Schaefer showed about 7 items, made with several baking mixes and bases. Werner showed about 6 items that they are making in the bakery. The important fact about gluten free is the manufacturing is supposed to take place in a gluten free environment. If this is not possible there needs to be a disclaimer, stating the fact that this was made in a facility were wheat flour is used and there may be cross contamination, The FDA has now determined that the legal limit is 20 ppm of gluten in the end product.
Werner Simon of Manhattan Sweets
mixing Gluten Free batter for demo
  Nassau Suffolk Bakers Group 
with Abel and Schafer Representatives
Abel and Shafer's Regional Sales Manager, Larry O'Connor 
  Our Hosts Werner and Cindy Simon
 of Manhattan Sweets in Islip
Gluten Free Products made in the work shop

A scholarship application from Brandy Masten was received by NYS Bakers and the Board has awarded Brandy with a $ 1000.00 scholarship  to SUNY Cobleskill.


Another applicant, Emma Berg, who has worked at Fehn's Bakery has been awarded  $ 1000.00 in scholarship money for her tuition at the Culinary Institute of America.


Both of the above recipients will  be awarded 6 tickets and a room for the Atlantic City ABDDE show n March, 2014.


The board is also donating $ 2,500 to Monroe College Culinary school in New Rochelle for the coming year




Unisource 1

Let's have a little fun! 

In future NYS Bakers Newsletters a quiz will be included!

The quiz question will ask about that current newsletter's content.  However, be forewarned that the answer may be in the newsletter OR in a link included in the newsletter!


Send your answers in to: Info@NYSbakers.org 


The first person to reply with the correct answer will win the opportunity to have their photo or their bakery's photo in the next newsletter, with a short blurb about your business!
This issues question is:  What NYC bakery has begun to franchise worldwide?
The Last edition's question was:
" Which one of our sponsors is located in Lindenhurst, New York?" 
La Renaissance

The correct answer is
Inter-County Bakers
.This question was answered correctly by 
Dave Shore of La Rennaissance Pasticceria
in Scarsdale, New York!
Good job, Dave.  Thank you for participating!

Once again I invite you to come along on our adventure, visiting some of our New York City bakeries and Pasticerrias. 
 Amy's Breads
 In the previous newsletter, I left off after we visited Amy's in Chelsea Market. 
Julie and Dave at the 
Spices and Teas area of Chelse Market
While in Chelsea Market we also had the opportunity to visit the Spice and Tease Market.  You can see from the photo of Julie and Dave that the aromas of these wonderful spices enduced us to have a great time!
Following our visit there we began to walk towards Pasticceria Bruno where we were planning to have lunch. On the way we stopped in at Magnolia Bakery on Bleeker Street.

Lucio visiting Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia's Cupcake of the Month:  Red Velvet

This vintage decor bakery had some unusual cupcakes to offer their clientele, as well as some hand colored sprinkles for the Mom's making cupcakes for their children. We discovered that Magnolia now has numerous locations and franchises are opening around the globe!

Sugar Plumm's display of candies, chocolates and macaroons
As we traveled on, we came upon Sugar Plumm, Purveyors of Yumm, located at 257 Bleeker Street.  Sugar Plumm offers a large assortment of unusual macaroon flavors, as well as divine chocolates and many other sweets.  Their chocolate sculptures are a great gift for a special occasion.

Well folks, that's all for this issue.  Be sure to join me on our journey as our next stop is the Famous Cannoli King, winner of the throw down with Bobbie Flay, Pasticerria Bruno, owned by Pina and Biagio Settepani, where Hospitality, Cannolis and Premier Pastries reign!  Read all about it in the next issue!
The Highbush Blueberry Council has supplied us with the following recipe.  
              1/4 cup blueberry jam or preserve
 2 cups fresh blueberries
               6 mini graham cracker pie crusts
                    2 tablespoons sliced natural almonds

In a microwaveable bowl, stir preserves with 1 tablespoon water. Microwave on high until preserves melt, about 30 seconds. Stir in blueberries; return to microwave and cook 45 seconds; stir and cook 30 to 45 seconds longer until blueberries are hot but not bursting. Spoon blueberry mixture into pie crusts; chill until set, about 1 hour; sprinkle each pie with 3 or 4 almond slices just before serving. (Recipe can be easily doubled.)
YIELD: 6 portions
Nutrition per portion: 193 calories; 6g fat; 1g saturated fat; 125mg sodium; 32g carbohydrate; 2g fiber; 2g protein

Credit U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, www.ushbc.org; bberry@blueberry.org
Thomas J. Payne Market Development


Follow the US Highbush Blueberry Council on twitter @happyblueberry


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New York State Bakers Board of Directors Meeting

When: Monday, October 21st, 2013 at 9 AM.

Where: Danfords, Port Jefferson, New York


At King Arthurs in Norwich, Vermont

When:  March 3rd & 4th, 2014

Details to follow soon!


Westchester Bakers Meeting

When: Tuesday, November 10th, 2013 at  Roasted Peppers Restaurant in Mamaroneck, NY at 4:30 PM.


Atlantic Bakery Deli Dairy Expo

When: March 30 & 31st, 2014


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