Selichot - Saturday Night, September 24, 8:00pm

Forgiveness. Reflection. Hope.
Join us for an engaging Selichot program and service on
 Saturday Night, September 24, 8:00pm.
The liturgical poems that we call selichot are recited late into the night on the Saturday night before Rosh Hashanah. This evening is an opportunity for self reflection and to open our hearts. This year at Beth El, we have planned a musical Selichot experience that will offer each one of us the opportunity for introspection and soul-searching. We will make time to...
think about the last year and our personal hopes for the coming year
make time to reflect on the ways in which we have fallen short and our commitment to make better choices in the coming year

Theatre Dybbuk, an educational theater troupe, will facilitate an evening of personal reflection.  Actors will perform our very own words in a dramatic rendering. To hear our personal dreams and introspection anonymously reflected back to us is a very powerful form of witnessing that will set the right mood for this season of penitence and introspection. There will be food, music, and schmoozingThe evening will conclude with the actual Selichot service, which has been reorganized to better meet our spiritual needs. 

We look forward to seeing you in shul! Watch your emails for more inspiring videos. 

Rabbi David A. Schuck
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