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Hello Ripple Kids Families  - So here it is! The third and final idea for our the Ripple Kids Summer Challenge.  Haven't been able to initiate a project yet? The clock is ticking, but you can still make a difference!

Pick your cause, plan a project, track your hours on the hours tracking sheet, and submit your project(s) on

Note: projects must be submitted on our web site in order to qualify for the award.

Click below to download tracking sheet -
Hours Tracking Sheet

Win $$ for your charity! If you complete 10 or more service hours between now and August 31st, your name will go into a raffle for the chance to win a $50 donation for your favorite charity!  Note: charity must be a Nonprofit 501(c)3.

When you complete a project, submit it on and I will include it in our next newsletter to let everyone know that you stepped up to meet the challenge! Please include your school name in the body of the form.
Summer Superstars
-Ripple Kids Taking the Challenge-

Kaylee, 11, from California is helping animals. She and her Girl Scout Troop (95) made fleece blankets for people who are sick, and used the scraps to make dog toys which they sold to raise money for The Joyful Foundation to buy more fleece!
Jackie, 9, from California raised money for a local animal shelter by coming up with the campaign 'lemonade or the money you made'. Kids could buy lemonade or Otter Pops during school, or donate money they earned!
Learn More 


Idea #3
Cause: The Hungry
Project: Hold a Bake Sale

Hunger is a problem year 'round, and summer is often the slowest time of year for donations to homeless shelters and organizations that help feed the hungry. Here are a couple of ideas - one we borrowed from last month but it's such a great cause it deserves a second shout out!

One in 5 kids struggles with hunger. Hold a bake sale to support Share Our Strength's 'No Kid Hungry' campaign, a national effort to end childhood hunger in this country. You can even register your bake sale on their web site so other people can find you and help you out!   Learn More

You can also raise money to benefit your local homeless shelter. They are in desperate need of donations!   Find your local homeless shelter.


Ripple Kids Tip: rather than pricing the items individually, simply ask for a donation in any amount. You'll find you'll make more money, and it simplifies the process! Make sure people know about the cause you're supporting! 




Take pictures, register or login and submit your project on Note: all projects must be submitted on in order to be considered for the prize. If you have photos, please email for a photo authorization form. We will not post photos without express permission.

Do you have a favorite organization? Email us and let us know!

Want to support a different cause?
Visit our Summer Challenge Page  for more ideas!

Other News

ABC has announced a Summer of Service grant in partnership with
Youth Service America and Friends for Change.
 Take a look - you could win
$1000 for your project!
Happy Summer! Keep the ripple going! 

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