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Hello Ripple Kids Families  - Hope you are enjoying your summer! These relaxing summer months are a perfect time to take action in your community and have fun at the same time. Ripple Kids is issuing a SUMMER CHALLENGE to all of our Ripple Kids to get out there and help others!

It's easy! Pick your cause, plan a project, track your hours on the hours tracking sheet, and submit your project(s) on

Note: projects must be submitted on our web site in order to qualify for the award.

Click below to download tracking sheet -
Hours Tracking Sheet

Win $$ for your charity! If you complete 10 or more service hours between now and August 31st, your name will go into a raffle for the chance to win a $50 donation for your favorite charity!  Note: charity must be a Nonprofit 501(c)3.

I'll be sending out emails throughout the summer with project ideas and completed projects from Ripple Kids like you. When you complete a project, submit it on and I will include it in our next newsletter to let everyone know that you stepped up to meet the challenge! Please include your school name in the body of the form.
Summer Superstars
-Ripple Kids Taking the Challenge-

Shira, 12, from Washington is helping the hungry. She's collected 110 lbs of food and volunteers at her local homeless shelter! Love it Shira!
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Allyson, 8 from Arroyo attended our Ripple Kids in Action event and visited the Surfrider Foundation booth. It inspired her to sign up for a beach cleanup where she picked up 2.5 lbs of trash! Way to go Allyson!
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Lauren, 7 from Hicks Canyon collected 70 backpacks and filled them with school supplies that she donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Tustin! Her Daisy Troop donated some money to help her purchase needed supplies. Great project Lauren!!

Idea #1
Cause: The Elderly
Project: Make Cards or Color Pictures

Many seniors don't live near their families and they can get really lonely. You can brighten their day by making cards and delivering them to your local senior center, retirement or rehabilitation center.
  1. Call your local center to find out how many seniors they have in need of cards. Too many for you to do alone? Ask some of your friends to help out!
  2. Buy some card stock or construction paper at your local craft store. Tip: You can cut the paper in 1/2 or 1/4's to get more cards out of the material.
  3. Buy some cute stickers and/or use crayons or pens to write cheerful messages.  Example: Have a great day! Thinking of you.
  4. Arrange with your local center to deliver them at a convenient time. If you can deliver them to the seniors personally, you'll be able to see what a difference a card can make!
  5. Take pictures, register or login and submit your project on Note: all projects must be submitted on in order to be considered for the prize. If you have photos, please email for a photo authorization form. We will not post photos without express permission. 
Alternative idea: rather than buying materials to make your own cards, download pictures to color and either deliver them to the seniors yourself, or send them to Color a Smile to distribute for you.  Visit for more information.

Do you have a favorite organization? Email us and let us know!

Want to support a different cause?
Visit our Summer Challenge Page  for more ideas!

If you are working on a project and would like support from your fellow Ripple Kids, please reply to this email with the following information:

Project Title
Project Description
Location (if applicable)

We'll rally the troops and even if your fellow Ripple Kids can't make it to your event, they can help support your cause!

Happy Summer! Keep the ripple going! 

Bridget Belden
Founder, CEO
Ripple Kids, INC
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