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A Blue Christmas
Blessings to You!
There are people wishing for a white Christmas this year, but for many that is the least of their concerns. Life circumstances, challenges, and even tragedy can not only take the joy out of the holiday, but make every image of a happy holiday a source of pain. Even a source of pain so great, it can taint every future Christmas. 

What can we do? How do we get past the pain, or help others to do so? Chances are, in the immediate moment we can't. Yet we can move through each day, bit by bit, to prevent the impact of a current circumstance from affecting our daily lives and every Christmas in the future.

One thing that is critical is allowing yourself to be sad, to cry and maybe be angry. Within reason. The key words here are "within reason." Do not let the person, event, or circumstance take away the promise of Christmas; that God loves us, and sent Jesus to teach us how to live a life of victory whatever the circumstance may be. And that you, as a child of God and therefore brother or sister to Jesus are beloved and filled with power.

One of the most important things Jesus taught us was that we have the power within us to overcome anything that comes our way. Affirm, "I can do all things, through Christ, who strengthens me." The Apostle Paul said, "Christ in you, your hope of glory."

Jesus came at a time of great challenge, He came to show humankind the way out, and that we can overcome. Why haven't we? Perhaps it is because we did not get the lesson of our own power and responsibility. Still we look to Him to come back and ease our pain. My friend, you DO have the power to overcome whatever may arise.

There are many folks this year, experiencing the first Christmas without a loved one. It could have been through death, or it could have been from a broken relationship. It could be a financial or health issue that is stealing your joy.

What I have to share will help you through the process. It won't be easy, if fact, it might seem impossible, but you do have the power. That was a promise of the one whose birth we celebrate.

The way to get through the holiday in the midst of your suffering is through the mind, our connecting link with God. We have the power to direct our mind. In Unity we call our mind pivotal; we can turn it to God; Spirit, or we can turn it to our earthly life and experiences. 

Whenever you find yourself being overcome, or drawn into the cause of your suffering, take a deep breath, and focus on the present moment, and something pleasant. If you have lost a loved one, think of the times you laughed together, or worked together, and be thankful for those ageless, timeless moments.

Feel, even for a millisecond, a sense of peace; the peace that passes understanding. The mind of peace that precedes all healing. Then, do it again...and again...until you feel peace longer.

Taking a breath is an important part of the process. When you are inhaling, your brain gets a rest. You can't think when you are taking a breath. When you exhale, you release more than the air in your lungs. You release tension. Try it. Now....see!? In this momentary rest, you can refocus, affirm, feel "I CAN get through this."

It is important to continue your traditions as much as possible, because they are a part of the foundation that helps stabilize our lives and give a sense  of security. If you do not practice your tradition, it can scar every future Christmas. If you do practice your tradition, it can give you peace and strength.

If it is a loved one, friend or family who is suffering, be patient. Don't try to force them to bounce back. At the same time, as possible, guide them gently to good thoughts and memories, or to health and wholeness, or remembering that the Bible says, "It came to pass," not it came to stay.

What I have shared today is immediate first aid for troubling times. It will get you through. It is also a great idea to deepen your own faith and strength with prayer, journaling, meditation and such once you have gotten past the initial experience.

Whether your Christmas is Blue, White or a Rainbow of experience, my prayer is that you will find a blessing in the reason for the season.

Rev. Alicia - Leslie 
Spirit of Unity

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