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  Breaking Ranks  
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Romans 12:2 "Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect."

Many years ago, as a part of my job, I was required to take the Dale Carnegie Communications Course. While I recall all of it fondly, one thing that really stands out is an exercise we did, where we stood in front of the class and declared with conviction, "I know men in the ranks who will stay in the ranks. Why? I'll tell you why, they simply lack the ability to get things done."

Is there something you've been saying for years you will get done, but somehow it never manifests? Does the above statement ring true for you at all? I know that there are times in my life I have felt that way. How do we break the cycle of procrastination, or manifest elusive lifetime goals?
To stay in the ranks, is to accept living with unfulfilled dreams; to be less than your full potential. To be in the ranks may be comfortable, and convenient, but it will never be satisfying.

At this point, you may be feeling overwhelmed, thinking, "PLEASE don't put more on my plate, there's too much there already." And to that I say, "Good point. Nothing could be more true, or less helpful." It's like going to a buffet. Have you ever noticed how much food is left on the plates at a buffet? We go through the lines and take more food than our stomach is capable of holding. And some of it we don't even necessarily like. But hey...we want to get our money's worth, right? Wrong. Waste is waste, whether it is money, food, time, or opportunities.

We could avoid buffets, or learn to choose wisely. As far as our lives and goals are concerned, there is a great strategy for avoiding putting too much on our plate. It is called "Purpose VS Task." In other words, we ask ourselves, "Is what I am currently doing going to further my purpose?" It could be toward a goal, or life in general, depending on what you have determined to be the meaning of your life.

For example, at this time of year many folks are declaring they want to get out of debt. Really? Well if we continue to spend unnecessary money on wants rather than needs, or make just minimum payments on our debt, we can kiss that idea goodbye. The purpose of getting out of debt is contrary to the task of spending more, and not making hefty payments.

Have you said you wanted to write a novel? Or climb Mt. Everest, or start a business? How about changing careers? Or finding a meaningful relationship? Or eating healthier? It is clear I could fill volumes with our desired purposes. We cannot write a novel if we don't start writing. We can't climb a mountain if we sit at home and dream about it. We must start climbing, even a small hill. We can't eat healthier if we don't get rid of the junk food in our cupboards. 

WHATEVER your desired goal...a goal is a dream with a deadline...action is required on your part. I'm not a fan of the lottery, but you can't win it without buying a ticket. 

Are you afraid of failure? In the book, "Who Stole My Cheese," the question is posed, "What would I do if I were not afraid?" Ask yourself that. Think of what you would do. Even if you fail, you at least tried and will not pay the painful price of regret. Of course the only true failure is failing to try again. Kevin Nation said, "Winners take imperfect action, while losers are still perfecting their plan." Take action; a task that will further your purpose. 

The good news is that you are not alone. The desires of our heart, are from God. I am not referring here to the ego's wants, but the Soul's desires. It is meant to manifest. We have the spiritual faculty called "Will." It is the executive faculty of the mind. When we align our will with God's will for our lives, our goals and desires it cannot fail.

Unfortunately you will most likely have to do battle with your willful carnal/lower nature who would rather sit and watch mountain climbing on TV, eating junk food, than building the muscles and strength to climb. Remember, God first, then go for those goals!

Birth 2012

This is what going to God first looks like!
Rev. Alicia Leslie
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