Spirit of Unity Meta-Musing
What NOT to Give This Christmas
 Holiday Blessings to You!


The season of giving has arrived, and there is no shortage of gift options. Our mail boxes are filled with enough colorful

advertisements to wallpaper our homes. So many choices! Add to that the children's mile-long lists influenced by advertisements, and compelling television commercials, and you can see we are being mesmerized by merchandising.


Now, don't get me wrong...giving is wonderful! It is a part of the powerful Law of Circulation. However, when we are manipulated, or try to manipulate others, the law can 'backfire.' Not only do we miss our true blessing, but the joy, peace, hope and love that are the promise of Christmas are diminished.


For many people, the temporary euphoria of spending, wrapping, giving, and watching the (often temporary) smiles of those who receive the gifts, is quickly replaced by fear and regret on December 26th, gripped by anxiety as the bills start to arrive. 

The giving of Christmas gifts was inspired by the gifts of the Magi, the wise men who brought gifts to the Newborn King. In Unity we declare, "I behold the Christ in you," as an affirmation of our relationship to Jesus through the spark of divinity within that we call Christ. When we give in this spirit, our gifts are received in the same spirit, and enjoyed. It would be good to keep these thoughts in mind as you head out to shop. Here are some thoughts on what NOT to give:

Do not give a specific gift from any sense of guilt or fear, because these are signs that you are being manipulated by either the merchandisers or potential recipients. If your loved ones love you, they will still love you even if you did not give them every thing, or overpriced item on their list. Trust me on this.


Do not give expecting the gift to fix anyone or anything, or to compel love or appreciation. EXPERIMENT: Pay attention to the television commercials today. If you hear veiled promises that these gifts will bring love or happiness to you, but are not backed up by valid reasoning, don't get it. Ask yourself, "What are they really selling (love, etc.) and what do I think I am buying?"


An example of this is an advertisement I saw for a toy I'd never heard of before that was declared to be "what every child is asking for." The design and purpose of the toy made no sense to me, but the unspoken message was "if you love your child (or grandchild) you will buy them this toy." Don't fall for that one!


Do not give gifts from obligation, with no real thought or caring behind the gift. You are just wasting your time and money, and the recipient will feel it.


Do not give gifts that you think your loved ones need, like a self-help book when they have no interest in the topic, or a sport or hobby you think would be good for them. The same thing is true of necessities like socks and underwear...a mistake I made for decades.


Do not give gifts you cannot afford. Avoid the credit card at all times, unless you absolutely can repay it before the grace period.


Oh...and one last thing NOT to give at Christmas is germs! While in Unity we affirm absolute health as the Truth of our Being, and we could not get sick...some of us are "not there yet." If you have a fever, sore throat, bug or the flu, give your loved ones the gift of your absence.


The Magi brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Each gift had spiritual meaning, as well as being standard gifts offered to royalty. Spiritually, they can represent the richness of Spirit and provision of God, the power of prayer, and eternal life, based on their earthly uses. They came to worship (give worth-ship) the Christ. As we honor the divinity within each person, we can support that with the gifts we give.


Always remember, the best gift of Christmas is remembering "the reason for the season," and being surrounded by people you love.


In Love and Light,

Rev. Alicia-Leslie, Spirit of Unity