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The Claus Conundrum
Blessings to You! 
Did you ever question the wisdom of telling your chidren that there is a man called Santa Claus, who will bring them gifts at Christmas? Did you dread that day when you would have to tell them the truth, that there is no such "jolly old elf?" And the sinking in our soul when we see the illusion crash and burn is awful...at least it was for me.

My sister Valarie and Me, waiting for Santa

I remember when I was a child, and started to ponder the possibility that Santa Claus was nothing more than a fantasy my parents gave to me. I faked it for years, to be sure the "from Santa" gifts would show up under the tree each year.

As I came to know that there was no such being, I came to question everything I'd been told. The Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy were easily released...not so much with Santa Claus. I wondered, along with the other stories...what about Jesus? What about Christmas altogether?Was everything I'd been told to believe, just one big lie? Then, of course, when I had children of my own, I propagated the story through them.

Everything has changed since the early days of childhood, as the image and likeness of Santa has been hijacked and reconfigured by commercialism. Even the movies have perverted his character with things like "Bad Santa," and movies that promote greed and selfishness.

While the story may say "naughty or nice" to receive gifts from "Santa," savvy kids know that it really doesn't matter. As long as you beg, whine, and throw hissy fits, your parents will buckle to the pressure. Today, it appears there is absolutley nothing left of the pure and sweet Santa of days gone by.

Yet the movement to keep "Santa" present, the false image fed by greed and selfishness goes strong. Just a few minutes ago, a commercial was on where a little boy was telling "Santa" he has been on the "good" list for seven years...and Santa could put his toys in his new car! A holiday movie I saw advertised the other day shows a kid punching a nun in the face. I'm sorry...that is crossing the lines of decency and respect. And frankly, to me it is not funny.

You may be saying, "Oh get over it, after all it's JUST a commercial, or JUST a movie. The Unity teaching does not agree with that. We teach that the thoughts and feelings we consistently hold manifest in and as our lives and our world. You can prove the truth to this if you simply think back to your childhood. Slowly but surely the consciousness changed. The good news is that what we changed, we can redeem.

Today, on the Feast of St. Nicholas, I invite you to RECLAIM Santa Claus, aka Saint Nicholas.  Why not infuse his story with Truth? You can tell your children that Saint Nicholas, now called Santa Claus, was a bishop in the early Christian church. He performed many miracles, and was known for his secret gift giving.

The Truth in MY heart tells me that the power of his Giving Spirit and Love is so strong that every year his presence fills the minds and hearts of all who will receive it. This spirit is what inspires us to love and give to others, especially those who are in need, as they were so very close to the heart of Saint Nicholas.

As you think on these things, I invite you to review the "wish lists" of those you love, especially children, doubly especially teens, who are in need of positive role models, thoughts, and activities. Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, would never give anyone a gift that hurt them or anyone else, or that promoted hate, anger, or any other negative thing. Santa would never give things like "Call of Duty," CD's with sexually explicit lyrics, violent movies, etc. in the name of Christ...which is always how he gave.

Is Santa Claus real? YES! Is Saint Nicholas alive? YES; in the very Spirit of Christmas you feel each year. Not when the stores put out the holiday merchandise, but when you feel it in your soul. You'll know it when you feel it.

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

Rev. Alicia Leslie
Spirit of Unity

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