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I'll state it right up front, loud and clear, I like reality competition shows on television. Yes, that's me! Whether it's Dancing with the Stars, America's Got Talent, Master Chef or Project Runway, I don't miss an episode!

But as I watch some of them, there is one thing I hear that really troubles me. I hear people saying, "This is my last chance." "I gave it all and if this doesn't work, it's over." To which I say, "What??"

Just because something is not dropped in one's lap; just because one did not win the big prize why should it be over? Too old to be on American Idol? Get over it and sing whenever and wherever you can. Try out elsewhere!

This is a perfect example of either-or thinking, and it is in no way helpful. For one thing, when we "either-or" think, we miss the countless other possibilities that await us.

The same thing is true in the world community. Just because I want to have an idea what is going on the world, does not mean I want to be bombarded with doom-filled, fear-based reports.

The news tends to be so negatively-focused it is easy to slide into a sense of hopelessness and apathy. If only we realized how many good things and possibilities await us. The answers do not necessarily live in either-or, but in the realm of Divine Mind.

To just turn off the news, would not help because it would mean we were in denial. Like the old Unity joke, "What does a Unity person in hell say?" "There is no hell, and I'm not hot."

While Unity teaches affirmation and denial, we do not deny that a thing exists, we deny that it has power in our lives. Through the power of positive thinking we open the doors of the kingdom of Divine Ideas.

For this reason, I make certain to do my prayer time prior to listening to the news, and I start by writing my gratitude list for the day.

One Christmas when I was living in California, I realized that I would be all alone for the holiday. At first, I got the "Christmas is ruined, and it will never be the same" blues. My heart ached, I missed my family, and did not want to be alone.

Then I asked myself, "Is it possible that Christmas COULD be good, even on my own?" I realized that as wonderful as they are, family suppers and parties and big piles of presents to be opened, is not what Christmas is about.
Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus, the Christ, who touched my heart and forever changed my life.

Although I had little money, I went to the local "Pic'n'Save" store and bought two fifty-cent packages of red bows which I put on the little evergreen tree in my front yard. I attended holiday services at my church, and volunteered to work for one of my co-workers so he could spend the day with his family.

While it was not my "favorite," Christmas, it was deeply meaningful. The Spiritual meaning really took center stage in my consciousness.

I urge you, dear friends, whatever is up in your life right now, let it be okay. Place your concerns on the altar of God's unlimited love. Open your mind and heart to receive.

You might be alone, or in an unhappy relationship; you may not get the job you want, or win the lottery. You  may not win the talent show or TV game show. Remember in any event, you are loved; the beloved child of a heavenly father showers you with good. Receive it.

Rev. Alicia Leslie
Spirit of Unity

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