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The Metaphysical Message of Autumn 
First Day of Autumn Blessings to you! 

One of the most wonderful parts of living in the Northeast is experiencing four seasons. Our year begins with Winter; a cold, stark time of short days and too-long dark nights. What, at first was exciting, for many of us, fades by New Years Day and we start longing for Spring.

Then upon its arrival, we celebrate the first buds on tree branches, crocuses peeping up from the ground, warm breezes and lengthening days. As we move into Summer the buds become blossoms, fruits and vegetables start ripening and we bask in sunlight late into the day.

By the end of August we are nose-to-nose with Autumn. It is then time to sadly say goodbye to long days and warm temperatures. By the time we've harvested the last of the garden's bounty, the once-lush green foliage flames into beautiful colors then fades to brown, and falls to the ground. Each day we lose precious moments of sunlight.  Winter will soon return. It is easy to slide into a state of dread.

In Truth, there is no "best" season. Each has it's pros and cons, and each person a different definition of "best." To be perfectly honest, most feel a twinge of pain as the last brown leaf falls off the trees in their yard.

Yet we do not want to miss the brilliant lesson Autumn brings. It is a lesson in letting go. What once was admired and beautiful, and has served its' purpose can and must be let go. We let go of "what was," to prepare for what will be.

The leaves on the tree served the tree, the earth and all of its' inhabitants. They provided beauty, shade, and carbon dioxide. In falling and decomposing they will enrich the earth. For all of this to happen, the tree must release the leaves.

Most of us continue to hold on to our "leaves;" things that once served us, or made us feel beautiful, smart, accomplished or loved. Sometimes those things that no longer serve us would bless someone else. Sometimes those things are thoughts, feelings or beliefs.

This year, as the Autumn leaves fall off the trees, I invite you to let some of the things you no longer need or use fall away from your life. As winter follows Autumn, free yourself for a time of introspection, renewal and rest. Before you know it, Spring will be here again and you will want to be ready for new growth!

Rev. Alicia Leslie
Spirit of Unity

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