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When Our "Rights" Go Wrong 
Blessings to you!  

Rev. Alicia Leslie
For the past several years we've been hearing an increasing number of stories in the news about peoples "rights" being abused. Nuisance lawsuits, and those who promote them are negatively affecting all of us. Could it be we've crossed the boundaries of common sense, and our own "little self," (ego) like a spoiled child, is simply throwing yet another tantrum? So often, "common sense" seems to have gone out the window. Does it really matter? Oh yes, it does!

Frankly, I'm feeling fed up with the whole thing. Just as we cannot have true freedom without responsibility, we cannot have our rights respected without respecting the rights of others. When our rights stand in the way of another's rights, it is a "right" gone "wrong."

What does this have to do with Metaphysics? It is simple. The thoughts we consistently hold, manifest. What we think, we experience and become. When we start to think and feel that our rights are more important than another's, we forget that in Truth we are interdependent parts of a greater whole. When we think, feel and act contrary to the Principle of all-good, love and harmony our experience will be contrary to our highest good. It is a vicious cycle.

What if we practiced gratitude for our countless blessings instead of walking around like an open wound when all we have is a splinter?

One recent example is the bruhaha over leaning back in airplane seats. On THREE occasions recently, disputes between passengers caused flights to be diverted and landed to bump the passengers off. So, hundreds of well-behaved passengers paid the price for these overgrown infants. Appointments were missed. Special events delayed. A perfect example of "rights" gone wrong.

Is it  not enough that we can get on an airplane, go up 35,000 feet, and arrive at our destination across the entire country in hours...something that would have taken many months of difficult travel not that many years ago? And we do this, contrary to people's griping about the prices, for a very small amount of money. And in the great majority of cases, we get there safely.

Just because we are granted rights to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, the key word is PURSUIT, of these things, not guarantee to have it handed over on a silver platter.

How do we get past this? First of all by conscious awareness of our own blessings. "That which we praise, bless, and give thanks for multiplies." (Fillmore) which is equally true presented as "That which we moan, groan and complain about multiplies." Which do you prefer?

That is just the first step. The second step is to share this Truth with others. Not by force-feeding it, which will only serve to turn others off, but by living and speaking your Truth with love.

Our Master Teacher Jesus taught it so perfectly: Love. Love God, Love Others, Love Yourself. The Golden Rule will always be true: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

It is so simple...and yet it is not by any means easy. The change that needs to be made in consciousness will require time and effort, but it really can be done. We each must strive to help by being Change M.A.C.Rs.

BE a Change M.A.C.R, by being Mutually Accountable and Collectively Responsible.

Rev. Alicia-Leslie
Spirit of Unity

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