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Fear, Fate and Faith   
Blessings to you!  

This week our family took a ride on the roller-coaster of life that we never bought a ticket for. On August 9th, our precious Tristan Cole Yashura was born. On the next day, a serious health challenge was discovered. We went, in seconds, from the thrill of the heights, to the screaming fear of the depths.

Just like being on an amusement park roller coaster, we need to be strapped in and have something to hang on to lest we fall out. I choose to hang on to my faith; to the faith that God is greater than any challenge.

When these things happen in our lives, we are tempted to fall into a negativity pool of "what-ifs." Some of us drown in it. Should you find yourself in that position, what if you were to consider the opposite of the "what-if fear"... what if everything turns out ok?

And what of fate? I believe in Divine Order of Spiritual Principle. We pray. We move our feet as directed by God, and then we release to God's most capable hands.

In Unity we teach that the thoughts we consistently  hold in mind will manifest in our lives. Here's a scary part...for better or worse...even if it is not reality. For example, we can hold someone in our mind as rude or dishonest, and even if we are basing it on erroneous information, eventually the person will only manifest to us in that way. If we consistently hold thoughts of ill-health, lack, or limitation, Those things will also manifest.

The Master Jesus taught us, "Pray believing you have already received..." While I may, or may not get my desired outcome, typically I do, in one form or another. Sometimes I realize that what I prayed for so hard would not have been in my best interest. And I thank God it passed me by.

For much of my life I was afraid to practice positive prayer, feeling it was arrogance, and I would be humiliated or let down if my prayer was not answered. I don't go there any more. I trust God for right outcomes, and thank God for them.

For those of you who are still saying, "Yeah...but what if... what if the worst happens." I say, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Meanwhile, I will stand on my faith. I will know that I did not waste one precious moment of my life, or anyone else's in needless fear; that our time was pleasant and joyful.

The doctors and their staff are confident Tristan's heart condition can be fixed. My prayer ... and I ask that you join me in it ... is ... "The doctors and staff that care for Tristan are divinely guided. Their minds are one with the mind of God, their hands are like the hands of God, working in and through Tristan to bring forth his perfect healing. Thank you, God!" And then we let go, and let God's perfect work be done.

One last thing...if we cannot let go, we need to ask ourselves, "How big is my God; how powerful; how good?" 
Rev. Alicia Leslie
Spirit of Unity

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