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Life Lessons from Lunchmeat?  
Blessings to you!  

Now that I've got your attention...I am NOT actually speaking of the shoulder of  pork and ham meat in a can. Not yet, anyway...it WILL come up later.

What I AM talking about is the torrential flood of junk emails that hit our email boxes every day. Or, as one person calls it Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Marketing.

Every day, I click on my "spam" folder to assure I am not going to delete something meaningful that landed there accidentally. This has happened on rare occasions. Today as I scanned the messages I asked myself how this stuff could be so persistent and prevalent.

The answer, of course, is that it works. Barnum's adage "There's a sucker born every minute" rings true in this case, and is making many unscrupulous people rich riding on the backs of ignorant, desperate people.

The SPAM promises magical answers to real or perceived problems. In the end, the only one who wins is the spammer. In my SPAM folder today, I have 279 emails for one of my email accounts. More than half of them are for weight loss. Do you think this computer makes me look fat?

Next in predominance was the plethora of promises to address any issues, size or performance of my male private parts, which I am certain I do not have. And then there were the large number of women interested in those non-existent parts.

Throw in a few deals...especially for get-rich-quick schemes, Swiss or Rolex watches and anti-aging cream and that pretty much covers it.

Spammers prey on on our fears, doubts and ego's perceived wants and needs. I invite you to examine your own SPAM folder, to see what you are tempted to respond to. Do you have issues about your physical appearance? Desirability? Prosperity? Loneliness?

Once you have determined that, you can go to where the answers really are...within. Pray, meditate, and affirm the Truth that you are a Child of God, the heir to a kingdom of all-good. If you cannot come to terms in that way, speak to your minister or a dear friend to help you to release the error thoughts, and affirm your own value.

And now, a word from our "unknowing sponsor," SPAM. It was created late in the depression era. It helped people with little to spend, to have an affordable source of protein. It provided protein for soldiers during WWII. Margaret Thatcher called SPAM a "wartime delicacy." While it is the brunt of our jokes, SPAM  has fed people around the world...and still does.

As a vegetarian, I have not tasted SPAM in over 40 years. Nor do I intend to. The meat, SPAM serves its purpose. So does the junk in your email folder. Hormel used an undesirable part of the pig (shoulder) to make something desirable (SPAM). We can use the undesirable part of our email account, to make positive change in our lives.

Genesis 50:20 says, "As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good." 
Rev. Alicia Leslie
Spirit of Unity

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