Spirit of Unity Meta-Musing
When Your Soul Speaks...
Blessings to you! 

  The other day while my sister and I were leaving our Jazzercise class, I spotted a raised garden they were putting in. From within I felt a physical stirring.

Charles Fillmore taught that we have 12 Spiritual power centers. Each one relates to one of our spiritual faculties we call the "Twelve Powers of Man(kind)."  

It is my experience, that the spiritual centers "speak" to us via a stirring we feel in or near that power center. Knowing
where the centers are located helps us to understand what our Soul is trying to tell us.

In Unity, we teach that the mind is our connecting link with God. Being pivotal, the mind can focus on earthly or Godly consciousness.

Whenever you feel a stirring, stop whatever you are doing. Pay attention to its location. Is it a pleasant sensation, or an unpleasant one? Every stirring has been stimulated by a conscious or subconscious thought.

It is tricky, but critical, to sort out whether you are feeling stirring of your soul, or a human impulse or sensation. Identifying the thought to the stirring is helpful in this. For example, seeing a mouth-watering chocolate cake and having your mouth water is a human response.  

Seeing a wedding cake and feeling a stirring in your love center is a stirring of your soul. Even if the feeling is in your wisdom center and is not a positive feeling. Your soul is speaking to you.

Once you identify the source, you can identify the message. The stirring I felt was in my center of Divine Order. Taking a few moments to become still and explore the stirring, I discerned that it was connected to the earlier gardens I had planted, and the feeling of connection to the earth, God, the cycle of life and eternity.

As I thought about it, my love center began to stir. The love I experienced when I tended my garden filled me with joy.
Realizing that I deeply missed gardening, I took some photographs of the raised gardens to present to my son for next year...to explore the possibility of enjoying a garden once again.

Our soul sometimes speaks to us as a warning, other times as divine guidance. Our thoughts are mainly interested in what the body or ego want at the moment. 

Here is an experiment to exercise your ability to listen to your soul. Find a quiet place. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Read the words below, one at a time. Then close your eyes and repeat the word. What do you feel, and where? Take a look on the chart above to place the sensation.

Christmas Tree
Birthday Cake
(name of) Your Mate
Gun Control
Tangee Lipstick
Bazooka Bubble Gum
(name of) last person you know who died

Now, for the next several days, be aware of the stirrings of your soul. Hopefully you will find that you have started to translate and interpret the stirrings of your soul.  Surely you will be blessed by  it!   
Rev. Alicia Leslie
Spirit of Unity

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