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Stop the Insanity!!!
Blessings to you! 

Over a month ago, a friend of mine received not one, but TWO Christmas catalogs! I thought that was pretty crazy, and started this email. Then, not wanting to be a crumudgen, I decided to let it go.

Two weeks ago I went to the fabric store...lo and behold, there were new Christmas fabrics! I guess I could understand, if someone were to be making gifts and decorations that could take a while. I don't know if it would take six months...but...I let it pass.

Last week, there was a commercial on TV for artificial Christmas Trees! Whaaaaa? Deep breath. Today, I received an email from a website I use, announcing their Christmas catalog was available.

Now...it's gone too far. Christmas is ONE DAY. In it's pure essence, it has nothing to do with shopping, sales, or even trees. This is insane.

Insane: adjective, a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction

Seriously, it is neither logical nor practical to focus so much on one day of the year; to spend money we don't have, on things the people we give them to don't need (and frequently don't even appreciate).

Why am I addressing this in a Meta-Musing? Because it all comes down to metaphysical manipulation by merchandisers.

Principle: Where the mind goes, energy flows. If that happens to be Christmas shopping, so be it. The  more we think about Christmas, ogling catalogs, imagining smiling faces and unabashed gratitude, envisioning ourselves in the too-perfect families in commercials...the more we spend! The earlier we start spending, the more time we will have to spend. Get it?

Practical Application: If what we are really looking for is love, appreciation, family, smiles and hugs we can make that happen every day. Pick up the phone. Make a visit. Give a hug. Smile.

When we stop connecting a celebration of the birth of Jesus and the Christ light in all, to spending, shopping, giving and receiving, we will find that the true meaning of Christmas is enriched.

Don't fall into the trap!

If you can't give up the Christmas-addiction altogether, limit it to 3 gifts. If it was good enough for Jesus, it will be good enough for your loved ones.
Rev. Alicia Leslie
Spirit of Unity

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