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Turning the Tide of Terrorism
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Warning: This is a long one...but I could not shorten such an important topic, and  the powerful way we CAN help to turn the tide.   

I am sure that you, as I, felt deep pangs of angst in your heart and soul upon hearing the news of terrorists taking over cities in Iraq. I do not doubt that you, as I, struggle some days to stay positive and stand firmly on the belief that God really is in charge and all is well. What to do? What to do? What to do? Will it EVER end? It can...IF we are willing to consider the possibility we have made mistakes and even more willing to make the changes necessary. Remember: We cannot change what we do not acknowledge.

The Truth of the matter is, if we keep doing what we are doing, we will keep getting what we are getting. This is Spiritual Law. It is eternal, unchanging, absolute Truth. This is the Law of Mind Action ... IN action...God in Action. The Law of Mind Action states that the thoughts we consistently hold in mind will manifest in our lives, circumstances, and the world we live in. One of the phrases we use to memorize this law is, "Where your mind goes (combined thoughts + feelings), energy flows, and manifestation follows." What are the thoughts we are holding and empowering in our minds? What of the murderous thoughts against what they call "non-believers" have been pounded into the hearts and minds of the terrorists? How many times have our thoughts, words and actions given validity to those thoughts?


Now, imagine turning around generation upon generation of this programming...as well as dealing with our own, of course!

I am of an age, where I have seen the virulent spread of a mind-set of narcissism and violence.  The things we see every day on television...in prime time...gratuitous sex and violence, disrespect and vulgarity... would have been unthinkable a short thirty years ago. *Disclaimer: this is where you will probably want to stop reading, and declare me either insane or ignorant...I just ask that if you really want to turn the tide of terrorism, please
read on.

As I said earlier...if we keep doing what we are doing, we will keep getting what we are getting. We must be ever-vigilant of what goes in to our mind (thoughts and feelings) and what comes out. This includes thoughts, words and actions. Simple, no? Well, it may be simple but don't kid yourself...it's not easy. Even more, you have to not only believe, but KNOW that God is real; God IS principle; God IS law, and God will not fail because God is absolute, eternal and unchanging. God is all-good!

You may wonder, "If God is all of these things, why are we in this mess to begin with?" We are in this mess because one of the greatest gifts God ever gave us is free will. WE make the choices that make (or break) our lives. We have been given the power and authority to become co-creators with God.

One of the most important things we have to remember is that we do it individually AND collectively. We are not isolated entities...we are individualized expressions of Divine Mind; Divine Substance. We are each "cells" in the whole body of God. While prayer and affirmations can work wonders in our lives...we must put feet on those prayers and affirmations. We must be, as Jesus taught us, like lighthouses for the lost souls tossed around on the seas of life.

Here's the cold, hard truth...until we "get it" that we are One...that violence against one is violence against THE One...that any crime against one is crime against THE One...that doing anything to harm or undermine one is to harm and undermine THE One...we will experience not only violence and terrorism, but increasing violence and terrorism. It is time to "Boldly go where mankind has never gone before..."

Narcissism and violence are both self-centered expressions. In both cases, the personal, (little) self is put before the whole...the Oneness that is interdependence. We like to consider ourselves to be "independent," but the reality is that we are interdependent.


The narcissistic focus on "self" expands to the "self" of a family, a race, a religion, a nation, that sees itself as "better than" or "above" any other person, family, religion, nation. The ONLY salvation from this is coming to KNOW our Oneness.


In the Bible, the Israelites marched into and took over the Holy Land. There has been nothing but war in that area ever since. They were told that they were the "Chosen People"...but I ask...chosen for what? What if they had misunderstood what they were chosen for. I have always wondered how it would have turned out if the Israelites went into the Holy Land offering what they had to share in terms of goods, services, talents and the love of God, and not intending to take over.


I believe from the bottom of my heart that any thought that God would choose some of His children over others is error. Sharing resources increases those resources. We will never be free of terror when we create a consciousness where hate flourishes, or where children are allowed to be sexually abused, or where infidelity taints relationships, and money and things are put above God's creation and creatures.

The good news is that all we need to do is pull together for good. Like those three monkeys that sat on our grandmother's shelf we want to SEE no evil...watch the images you let into your mind via the eyes. This does not mean to deny the sad and painful things we see, rather to avoid unnecessary "indulgence" in violent movies, games, etc...HEAR no evil...watch what we let into our mind via the ears...meaning negative, violent music, gossip, inappropriate criticism, etc...SPEAK no evil...watch our lips that harsh, negative, discouraging words do not escape and add to the negative energy that surrounds us...and I would like to add...DO no evil. Live consciously peacefully.

On the other side of the coin, we must SEE good...look for the things that affirm our Oneness and good, watch positive, uplifting movies and television programs ...HEAR good...stay positive and centered in Truth...be supportive and inspirational...be strong when others are weak. SPEAK good...inspire, edify, strengthen and support with your words and wisdom. DO good...in Unity we say that Jesus was the Great Example, and not the Great Exception. Remember...Jesus said "Follow Me," and "These
things I do, and greater things shall you do who believe on me.  Look for the Christ...Buddha...Great Spirit...Soul...within each person you see...within the hardened face of the terrorist...within the unlovable and unforgivable.

You can go ahead and buy into the lies of human consciousness that tell us that you can establish peace through war, stop crime through prison, create marriages with contracts or prosperity through getting without giving. These are "facts of life" that never have, nor will they ever work.

Another important thing we can do is find each other. Let our light merge with like light to bring light to the darkness of pain and suffering. There are many light-workers out there. As you let your light shine, you will draw to you other lights...and together we will turn the tide of terrorism and herald in the New Age of Peace and Love.

One of the wonderful light-working groups I love is called "Seeds of Peace," which is working diligently with young people throughout the world, especially the Middle East, to teach them how to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner. They need our help...please check out their web site. www.seedsofpeace.org This is only one of the ways we can seek and find light-workers to turn the tide of terrorism.


From the bottom of my heart I invite you...no...I URGE you...to join me as a Spiritual Warrior, bringing peace, love, light and wisdom to the world and turning the tide of terrorism. Words from a light of the world, too soon extinguished: "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." - Anne Frank




Rev. Alicia Leslie
Spirit of Unity 
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