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Meta-Musing ~ A Mother's Heart

Some things are worth repeating...please enjoy this re-run of a previous Mother's Day thought...while I sip on my coffee, talk to God, and give thanks for my mother, being a mother, and the other mothers that touch my life...


Blessings to You!

This Sunday is Mother's Day. It is the day we take time to honor our mothers, and the love we share. According to statistics, Mother's Day is second only to "Christmas-Hanukkah-Kwanza" in gift giving, and the total spending for Mother's Day this year is expected to exceed $14.6 BILLION dollars! What is it that inspires this? Perhaps it is "A Mother's Heart."
4 Mac. 14:13

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"Observe how complex is a mother's love for her children, which draws everything toward an emotion felt in her inmost parts." 


Unity Wisdom  Heather and Savannah  


Mother Love is as strong as life and will make every sacrifice to protect offspring. This whole-hearted, self-sacrificing aspect of love indicates a spirit deeper and stronger than the animal or the human, and we are forced to admit it is divine. Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity
By Divine Design, each being has been gifted with qualities intended to support the good of the Marcus and Melis
whole. We each play a part in the Divine Plan. "Mother," is one of those parts. Metaphysically, "mother," represents the loving, nurturing nature.

While the Divine Idea of "Mother" may be loving and nurturing, that may or may not have been your experience with your own mother. This is because the Divine Idea expresses through the current consciousness of the individual. This does not negate the Divine Idea, but it does impact it's expression.

The heart represents the combined thinking and feeling faculties. The power center for the faculty of love is located right behind the physical heart. This is why we feel a surge in our heart when the love center is stimulated. A Mother's heart is a storeroom of unlimited, unconditional, radiating love for her children.

A mother's heart can certainly be angry at her child or disappointed; frustrated. But still, she loves. She may not be able to express her love, handicapped by her own emotional challenges or life experiences. But still, in the very depths of her being, she loves.

Chimp and Tigerthers are not perfect. Like ourselves, they are a work in progress. You may have experienced the love of "a mother's heart" through someone other than your birth mother. It could be an adoptive mother, or relative who loves you with "A Mother's Heart" as her...or his own. The Pure Essence of a Mother's Heart is not limited to gender or apparently, according to the picture, species. <smile>

In the Bible the words are written; "She held these things in her heart," referring to Mary, mother of Jesus. She knew His potential, and yet in her "mother's heart" she knew him as her baby boy. As a mother and grandmother myself, I have felt these very feelings. Within each child I see unlimited potential, but I know that it is not mine to bring forth. And so I attend to my children in the best way I know how, and trust their creator to nudge them toward their highest good.

This Mother's Day, I invite you to take some time to ponder "A Mother's Heart..." YOUR mother's heart, the one who birthed you, or the one who has loved, nurtured and beheld the Christ perfection in you.
Mothers Day 1990
Mother's Day 1990
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Happy Mother's Day! RevAli 


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