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One of the central teachings of Unity, is "Thoughts held in mind, create after their kind." Which leads me to the thought, "What have we been thinking? Have our thoughts been positive and faith-filled? or have they drifted into fear-based negativity? 
Remember the TV public service announcement: "It's Ten P.M. do you know where your children are?" What if we were to apply that to our mind; our thoughts? 
Many years ago, when I was in Unity's Ministerial Education Program, one of the students had an alert that would go off randomly to have her check what she was thinking about. This way, if she caught herself being negative, she had the opportunity to turn it around. It is so easy to ruminate on problems rather than turn them over to God...doing the best we can, and trusting God to do "God's part."  


In case you are wondering why it is so easy to slip into negativity, it is most likely a survival instinct. Whenever we experience real or perceived danger, we immerse ourselves in whatever ways we think we can "fix" what is "wrong" (which oftentimes is not really wrong at all). 


The key to overcoming this, is to check in with ourselvesfrom time to time, especially if we find we are becoming nervous or stressed out. Where is our mind? How can we turn it over to God? We, in Unity, affirm: "There is only One presence and One power in the Universe and in our lives; God the good, Omnipotent...and we are one with the One."


Dale Carnegie taught that when we worry, we should ask ourselves, "What is the worst thing that could happen?" next to "Assume that it has happened," and then "Act to improve on the worst." Some folks in Unity  have a problem with this, because they say that if you keep your thoughts positive, nothing negative can happen. I tend to not agree with this however. 


We do not know the "big picture." We have not seen God's lesson plan for our lives. We may be unaware of the impact race consciousness can have, and how to overcome it. It certainly does not hurt, in my opinion, to have a "Plan B." In fact, if having that "Plan B" is available, it allows us to focus on the desired outcome of "Plan A." 


To me, absolutism can be arrogance, assuming we know better than God what we need, or what is good for us. While there is nothing wrong with having dreams and desires...we also want to remain open to the working of Spirit in our lives. Hence, when we make our affirmations, we always say, "This or something better." 


Never underestimate the power of prayer and meditation in establishing a consciousness of Positive Living. So, as you move forward in this adventure we call life, remember to stay positive, flexible and faith filled! 





Rev. Alicia Leslie
Spirit of Unity Church
Special News And Video!
Most of you have known me, and my family for many years. Some have been members of the churches I have served. Therefore you have known Sammie, my granddaughter. This past Sunday, she was married. I thought you might enjoy the video. So I included it for you. Hope you enjoy!
Sammie and Peters Wedding
Sammie and Peters Wedding

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