Holy Saturday ~  Tomb Time 
Another Holy Day of Opportunity

Blessings to You!

I cannot help but ponder what was happening in the time Jesus lay in the tomb... the transformation occurring... the overcoming...

People have many questions... Did Jesus really bring his physical body back to life, or was it all a story? Was it his physical body or was it a spiritual body? The point is, to me, that Jesus taught life is eternal. And he proved it. I was not there... or I do not recall being there... <smile>  but I know something happened that turned the world upside down... and Jesus was there, communicating, teaching, and empowering His disciples.

Today, I invite you to take advantage of your own "tomb time opportunity." Turn off the TV, the phone, and any other distraction. Leave all of your worldly concerns behind...just for a short time...for a spiritual meditation on the "Stations of the Cross."

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Much love, and many blessings, RevAli

PS...I also recommend the following movies to add meaning to Easter, and what Jesus' life meant:

The Body
Jesus Christ, Superstar
Jesus of Montreal