Spirit of Unity Meta-Musing
The New Normal
Blessings to you!

As we enter Holy Week, I find that I am still feeling a bit lost; out of touch with "normal life," whatever that is. It is at times like these, that I am particularly grateful for the Spiritual path called Unity.
Holy Week starts with Palm Sunday, as Jesus rides triumphantly into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. I often wonder what he was thinking...how much of the coming events he was truly aware of.
Whatever Jesus did or did not know, it was known that Jerusalem was a dangerous place for him to be, as He'd had confrontations with both political and religious leaders. Still, he moved forward with his mission.
Why? I believe that it was not just "following orders from a higher source," or blind faith, it was KNOWING; Spiritual Understanding. This type of faith was not considered "normal," not then, and for many people, not now.
Normal is defined as: the usual, average, or typical state or condition. I believe that one of the reasons we do not reach Spiritual Mastery is because we seek to live in the comfort zone we call "normal." Jesus, I am sure we would all agree, was NOT "normal."
For this reason, I find that I am able to move through deep changes in my life, following my Wayshower...the one who brought the heart (understanding) to the letter (principle) of the Law. It is the understanding that makes reconciliation of life's many paradoxes possible. This is simple...but rarely easy.
When Albert Einstein was asked if he believed in God, he said, "I do not believe. I KNOW." This kind of "knowing," exhibited by Jesus and Einstein, is what leads to Spiritual Mastery.
Each one of us experiences change in our lives. Some changes we call "good," others "bad." These are but perceptions based on a concept we call "normal." When we stand firmly in a knowing faith, we find a "New Normal." This is where miracles are as common as leaves on trees. 
This "New Normal" is not something that anyone can give us or teach us. It only needs to be real-ized; made real to us through daily practice of the principles. Affirmations are excellent tools to assist us in this process. One that helps me feel centered in the midst of unsettling change is: "There is only One presence and One power in the Universe and in my life, God...the Good...Omnipotent; and I am one with the One."
This week, as we ponder Jesus' journey to Resurrection, I invite you to ask how His journey can help you on your own.
As for me, as I wait for the outer conditions of my life to fall into a routine called "normal," within I am continuing to build the Consciousness of Christ...as my "New Normal."
 Have a Bright, Beautiful, Better-than-Average Day!
PS...hang in there...I've had many requests for the return to the videos...they're coming. First I need running water and a working stove so I can have "normal" living conditions.