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Fate, Faith or Finagelin'?
Blessings to you! 
Have you ever wondered...if it might be true that things are just 'fated' to happen, or what it really means to have faith, especially when things are not going well, or when faith is over-ridden by finagling? (fin-a-gle: obtain by manipulation or trickery)

Can all of these things be real, or are they illusion? The answer is a resounding "Yes!" And "No!" Confused? How can this be? I'm not surprised. It is a very perplexing topic. So...let's play with it a bit.

Fate: The concept that we have no control over events and how they occur in our lives. This is true in the respect that we live in a Spiritual universe governed by Spiritual law. We can try to "break" it, but as Rev. Eric Butterworth said, "We can't break the law, but we can break ourselves against it. This does not mean that we are up against some random power moving us about in life like pawns on a chess board. It does mean that through living in alignment with Principle, it just may appear that we are "blessed by fate" when in fact we are experiencing the effects of the positive causes we have sent forth. Law; Principle as an aspect of God, is something we can count on.

Faith: Hebrews 11:1, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity said, "Faith in the reality, power, and willingness of the mental and spiritual forces is absolutely essential to success in demonstrating the higher law." We all have faith. The real question is "What is our faith IN?" We cannot have faith that God's will for us is good, and at the same time fear that our good will not come. The fear indicates that our faith, in this case, is in our belief that our good will not come.  

Finagle: While we have been blessed with Spiritual Power, too often we reduce that to its' "lowest common denominator," and put it in the hands of ego; our carnal; 'human' nature. The human nature tends to see itself as a demi-god that can control and manipulate its' way through life. This lower state of consciousness can even attempt to manipulate God through prayer. Oh...we may get what we 'pray' for...which would manifest through the Law of Mind Action, but that does not mean it will all turn out well. Why? God's will for us is good and only good, to receive what is not for our highest good is required to have negative consequences so that we can have the opportunity to realize the error and change our thinking. Prayer does not change God, it changes us. I would venture a guess that we all have experienced that one! What have you finagled and regretted?

In Summary:

On the other side of Fate, we have Divine Order, the Lord; Laws of the Universe; working to bring us the good that is God's will. Fate and Divine Order are but two sides of one "coin;" cause and effect. 

On the other side of the "coin" we are calling "Faith," we have "knowing." Blind faith does not understand the principles. Consciousness is the sense of awareness; knowing. This is already within all of us. We realize (real-ize, make real) it through prayer, meditation and study of Principle. With "blind faith" we are like puppets. With "knowing faith" we are Children of God.

Finally, on the other side of "Finagle," we have self-discipline. On a positive note, we might say that to "pray believing we have already received," as taught by Jesus, would be training the lower nature to trust God. This could be seen as "finagling," but the intention is alignment with God. We also do this through affirmation and denial, in the face of appearance to the contrary of what we desire.
So, I invite you to put in your Spiritual 'pocket' these three valuable "coins of the realm," and know that you are rich!

Rev. Alicia Leslie
Spirit of Unity

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