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Forbidden Fruit &
The Fall of Man

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Did you ever question the concept of "original sin," and feel, "Hey...why do I have a 'stain' on my soul because Adam and Eve did not obey God?" Or, "How could a newborn baby be held accountable when it had not even had a chance to sin yet?" To me, it felt like God was carrying some kind of grudge for what someone else did!

Of course God CAN'T carry a grudge. So...are we then "free and clear" of the stain of original sin? Or is there something more? Find out in today's video message!

Note! Be sure to check out the two bonus videos included. One will help you find the a Bible that will be just right for you, and the second shows resources for going deeper with Metaphysical Bible study.  
This Week's Message - Forbidden Fruit and the Fall of Man

Forbidden Fruit and  The Fall of Man
Forbidden Fruit and The Fall of Man

BONUS 1 -Choosing The Right Bible


Finding the Right Bible
Finding the Right Bible


BONUS 2 -  Resources For Going Deeper! 


Resources For    Going Deeper
Resources For Going Deeper




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