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A Lesson From The Groundhog!
Blessings to you!

Another Groundhog Day has come and gone. For many of you in warmer climates it may not have the impact that it does on those of us who are in the areas that experience snow, sleet, freezing rain and bitter temperatures.

We in the "wintry" regions wait to see if Punxutawney Phil will come out, and not see his shadow; declaring Spring is imminent. If he sees his shadow, frightened, he will retreat to his burrow for six more weeks of winter.

Yes, yes...that is just silly superstition, but when you've had just about enough of the bulky coats, boots, shovels and scrapers, it can provide a much-needed boost in morale.

However, a deeper look can teach us a valuable lesson. "Phil" is apparently afraid of his shadow. A shadow is simply an area that direct sunlight cannot reach because it is blocked by an opaque object. It has no substance. Just like many of our fears.

How often do we retreat into our "burrow" of perceived safety rather than go boldly forward to live our lives to the fullest? Consider the following Scripture:

James 1:17 "Every good endowment and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change."

An "endowment" is a natural gift, ability or quality. I see people every day who have God-given gifts and talents that they have not developed or expressed because of fear.

Some people are afraid of their own "shadow," or human 'flawed' self, afraid to risk rejection, making a mistake or embarrassing themselves. In God; Spirit, light itself, there is no shadow, and within your heart that light shines. We are all 'flawed' in our human experience. Laugh it off.

This is what Charles Fillmore says about fear: "Fear is one of the most subtle and destructive errors that the carnal mind in man experiences. Fear is a paralyzer of mental action; it weakens both mind and body. Fear throws dust in our eyes and hides the mighty spiritual forces that are always with us. Blessed are those who deny ignorance and fear and affirm the presence and power of Spirit."

I would like to point out that in 15 years, Phil has only been right 5 times. So...clearly he has missed many wonderful days holed up. Don't let fear "holed" you up!



Rev. Alicia Leslie
Spirit of Unity Church

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