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For some people, challenges with reading the Bible start with Genesis 1:1, where we find the Story of Creation. There are so many questions that arise!  How can it be that God creates humankind twice? Check it out! Once in Genesis 1, and again in Genesis 2. Did God really do it in 6 days? And of course, How can this possibly have any meaning in your life!

This week we are going to start exploring the Scriptures that tell the story of humankind, through allegory, and answers the questions: Who made the world? Where did we come from? Why is there so much suffering? Why do we have so many languages? And more!

As we explore the stories, you will be given a key to unlock the deeper messages!

2014 02 02 The Story of Creation
2014 02 02 The Story of Creation






Rev. Alicia Leslie
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