Open Me First! 

Reclaim the Spirit of Christmas,

.....and give yourself a priceless gift.

Blessings to you!
One of the things I am most grateful for, is a love of giving and sharing of the things that have blessed me. I am also grateful that I remember the holidays in a way that many folks today have never known, or have forgotten.
And so, I have a gift for you today. It is a workshop that looks at ways to really have a special holiday, ways to take care of yourself. This was inspired by a book called, "Unplug The Christmas Machine."
Below, you will find links to different segments of the workshop. Each segment is around 10-12 minutes long. I posted them separately so that you can watch them at your leisure. Take your time. Have a cup of coffee or tea. Invite a friend or two to come over and share it with you, and you can discuss the different topics.
You will want to have a pen and paper handy, as some of the segments have exercises you will want to do. I hope you enjoy the workshop, and that it will not only enhance your holiday experience, but that you will share it with others, that they may be blessed also. The workshop is absolutely FREE. It is a GIFT. And...if you feel inspired to support the online ministry of Spirit of Unity, you will find information below to show you how you can do so.
I extend special thanks to Jo Robinson and Jean Coppock Staeheli, authors of Unplug The Christmas Machine, and encourage you to get a copy! You will find it amazing and enlightening!
 Let's get started!      (just reviewing, quality not as good as I would like, but knowing you can look past that for the blessing!)

May the most precious gifts of Christmas; Christ...and Christ Within, Friends and Family, and awareness of God's Omnipresent Love be yours. 

In His Love and Light,

Rev. Alicia-Leslie
Spirit of Unity
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Rev. Alicia-Leslie
Minister, Spirit of Unity
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