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Who ARE You?

A Case of Stolen Identity

Blessings to You!


This week I had the frustrating experience of having my online identity hacked. Everyone on my Spirit of Unity email list was sent spam in my name (I am so sorry!). A new email address was set up by the hackers, and all my Spirit of Unity contacts transferred from sbcglobal to


So many thoughts ran through my mind. What will the people who receive the spam think? Will someone actually believe that I am stranded in Manilla, mugged and in need of $3100.00? What if the hackers sent explicit spam? How long will it take me to reclaim my identity?


As I wrestled with these questions, it occurred to me that we often have problems with our true identity...and don't even know it! Do you know who you REALLY are? Or has your true...Spiritual identity been hacked...and by who?


1 Cor. 3:16
Do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you?

Unity Wisdom

Birth 2012 

As the will of God, man represents I AM identity. Individual consciousness is like a drop in the ocean--all the elements that are found in the ocean are also found in the drop, and every drop may, in due course, receive and give forth all that is in the ocean. This is individual consciousness, freedom to act without dictation of any kind, selfhood without consciousness of cause, the power to make or break without limitation. I AM, used adversely is when people, seek happiness through sense pleasure. This is sin (missing the mark), and the wages are pain, sickness, poverty, and death. Think "I AM in harmony with God-Mind," and health, wealth, and harmony will be yours. 

A favorite scripture of mine says, "Do you not know you are gods?" Some people think that means that they are, in fact, God. I see it differently; that I am OF God, and belong TO God. God is my Divine Parent, and Jesus my beloved Brother, Wayshower and yes...Savior.

In Unity we teach that Jesus was the great example, not the great exception. While what He did was far and above anything we have ever done, He taught that if we believed in him we, too, could do those things.

I once saw a bumper sticker that said, "Jesus said it. I believe it. That settles it." Nice sentiment...but do we demonstrate it? Maybe we believe it in theory, but not in practice. Has our Spiritual Identity as children of God...brothers of Jesus...bearers of the Light of Christ within...been hacked? If so, by who?

A hacker is a person (or consciousness?) who breaks into our computer (mind?) with malicious intent. The primary concern of a hacker is "self;" whatever he...or she...wants.

Hackers are ignorant of the fact that while they can take from us, they cannot steal a rich consciousness. They do not know that the Universe will reclaim every stolen penny, every 'jot and tittle.'

Or maybe our heart (emotion) has been hacked, planting a replicating virus there telling us we are not worthy, or cannot live with a particular person, or that we need to buy their product to be worthy or desirable. In this case they are ignorant of the fact "that which is within us is greater than that which is in the world." Sooner or later we will hear the voice of Spirit that has been calling to us since the beginning of time; calling us to reclaim our Spiritual Identity.

For my computer, I my "computer guy" advised me that my computer has no virus. However, my email account was hacked. Whew! Sometimes our dis-eases are not actually there! I stull must deal with the email hacking, and maybe even reclaim my contacts.
If you should get a virus in your computer, get to an expert, who will take care of it for you. Cleaning out the "mind-viruses," or error thoughts and beliefs we hold, can be done through prayer, meditation, and pondering words and works of Truth. Once the computer has a clean bill of health, install a new firewall, anti-virus update, and whatever else my technician believes will help.
There are also "programs" to help us keep our minds grounded in Truth after rooting out one of our "soul-hackers." One is attending a church that feeds our spiritual needs. Another is establishing a prayer consciousness, and another reminding ourselves regularly of our Spiritual Identity.

In Luke 11, Jesus says: "When an impure spirit (thought, feeling, belief) comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, 'I will return to the house I left.' When it arrives, it finds the house swept clean and put in order. It then goes and gets seven worse than itself and they settle in."

What this is saying to us, is that when we have overcome something we must be sure to lock our consciousness to its' return, because if it comes back, it will be worse than before. This has been proven to be true with so many things. For drug or alcohol addictions, and even abusive relationships, the problem escalates if the person returns to the addiction or problematic relationship, etc.

One day we will move out of that "house," or consciousness and it will no longer be an issue. There will be no interest in the substance or person, etc. that brought such pain and suffering. Now, I may not "be there yet," but I am surely on my way.

While at the airport the other day, I bought a book called "The Happiness Project." One of the things that really jumped out at me was the fact that people who are growing are typically happy. So, while we may not currently be expressing the fullness of our Divine Potential, the more we strive to express our true self, the more it will express, and the happier we will be.  

May your day be bright, beautiful and happy, happy, happy!

HOWEVER: They did adjust my email settings to forward my email to the one they added. These folks are DEVIOUS! I have however changed the settings back to the original ones. Should be ok from here!
Your True Identity is beautiful and blessed. Don't believe everything you hear from others about your shortcomings...those things you are most highly criticized for, rightly used, are your greatest asset. :)