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Joy at the Race
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"They" say that success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, but is that REALLY all we need to succeed? I don't know about you, but for me there have been many times that a moment of inspiration followed by much sweat, did not net the desired result. What went wrong? Consider the possibility...
Matthew Climbing                 I Cor. 9:24
    1.  Do you not know that in a race all the runners compete, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it.
                 Unity Wisdom
Matthew with Medal Success--Attainment of a desired goal. Success comes as the result of faithfulness and earnestness in the application of God's law.

When success fails to crown our efforts, we sometimes become discouraged and quit. Then we try to console ourselves with the thought that it is God's will for us to fail. Failure is not God's will, but man lays it to the charge of God to excuse his own feeling of inadequacy and defeat. God's will is health, happiness, and prosperity for every man; and to have all that is good and beautiful is to express God's will for us.


This year on Father's Day I went to Long Island to visit my son Sean and grandson Matthew. It is Sean's Father's Day tradition to run in the "D.C. Raymond Downey Memorial Walk-Run" race honoring fire fighters lost on 9/11. The plan was that Sean would run and he signed me up to walk with Matthew. Then he decided to run with Matthew in a stroller so that they could share the special event as father and son, and I would walk. I was okay with that, as it was Father's Day and all.


As we stood in line awaiting the horn that would start the race, I was trying to figure out how I would move safely to the sidelines and walk as there were over 2000 people there. Suddenly the horn blasted and we were off. I started running, basically because I feared that if I did not run, I would be run over!


I kept running, rather than moving to the sidelines to walk, because I had gotten into the "spirit" of the race; energized by the excitement of the crowd. From time to time I would slow down and walk, and even stopped to take a picture. After all, I wasn't racing. Then, having reached the half-way mark, I was really inspired and started to target people I thought I might out-run. Just for the fun of it!


I crossed the finish line with joy...not because of anyone I might have beaten to the Finish line, but because I FINISHED! Imagine my surprise to hear my name called as the third place winner for my age group! At first I was amazed that I had accomplished such a feat without training for it, as so many had trained. Then I realized that I trained for it every day. I trained every time I went to Jazzercise, and every time I went to the gym to work out.


So often we live our lives like "weekend warriors," with 10% inspiration, and then add 90% perspiration...NOTE: There is no PREPARATION in this equation, hence failure is likely.


The same thing is true of Spiritual growth and transformation. We may hear an inspiring message on Sunday morning, read a motivational book, or attend a class or workshop, and walk out thinking..."I can DO this!" but somehow it is never accomplished. Why? The inspiration, with or without perspiration, is not enough. Our daily prayer and meditation time is the preparation that will provide guidance, direction, spiritual strength and endurance that will help to win life's "races."


Now your destiny!

RevAli    D C Raymond Downey Race Me with Plaque

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What Now?


I always would jokingly say "I will start running when I see  runner with a smile on his or her face! Well, when I crossed that finish line, there was a HUGE smile on my What now? I will continue to work toward staying fit...




Start using the bikes at the gym and get a bike for the "Five Borough Bike Tour" in May of next year! Oh Yeah!

Here I am starting my 'training.'



Getting Ready for 5 Borough Ride  

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