A Very Merry Unbirthday! Now Open Your Gift!

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On the day you were born you received some very special gifts. Some of us have never really opened these gifts, for any number of reasons. Today, I invite you to discover...and open...the gifts that await you...the gifts that ARE you!
A Special Unbirthday Fable For You!
The Animal School

I heard this great story comes from my friend Rev. Eileen Douglas many hears ago.

Once upon a time, a group of animals decided to start a school. A very special animal school. The classes they held included swimming, running, climbing and flying. Everyone was very excited about the animal school. But once they got started, things did not go too well.

 Now, the duck was an excellent swimmer, but didn't do too well in other areas. He wanted so very badly to be like the other animals that he was determined to study and work very hard with the other classes. So he spent all of his time trying to learn to run and climb and fly way up high like an eagle, which is not what ducks do. And do you know what happened? One day, he discovered that he couldn't swim so well any more.

The rabbit was an excellent runner, but was told by the school principal that she had to spend more time in the other classes, and one day she just couldn't run as fast. And that was the day of the race her race with the turtle. What do you think happened?


Now, the squirrel was a GREAT climber and jumper. In the beginning of school, he got straight 'A's in climbing and jumping, but by the middle of the school year, his grade dropped to a "C" because his teachers spent hours and hours trying to teach him to swim and fly. But of course, he was just trying to fit in, and he did manage a bit of swimming and on occasion...a 'simulated' flight.

The eagle was truly a 'problem student.' Every day the teachers would reprimand her for soaring to the treetops when she had been told to practice climbing. After all, everybody needs to know how to climb, don't they?




Unfortunately this really is "the end of the story" for many folks who do not discover and use their Spiritual Gifts!


 There are so many reasons people do not use their gifts. It could be that they do not see it as a gift...or that "there's no money in it," or no presteige. Maybe they do not think it is important. Imagine what the world would have been like if Bob Hope thought his gift of encouragement through laughter was not important!


Here is a Spiritual Gifts Inventory for you to use to help you to discover and use YOUR Spiritual Gifts! Just click the link below. Hope you enjoy it!


Spiritual Gifts Inventory


Now Go To Your Destiny!

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