2013 - The Secret to Having a Happy New Year

January,  2013!

   Blessings to You!Nick and Frank New Years 1971


Well, the New Year has come in. The Christmas decorations are put away. And most of us are likely wondering how it came to be 2013 already because we did not finish our to-do list from 2012. Or maybe even 1992 for that matter! :)
Some of us may be concerned about what appears to be the downward spiral of life on planet earth, and others disappointed or experiencing regret over the things that have been done or not done to date.
Okay. Let's get over that and start focusing on how to have the wonderful life and world we have been given the power and ability to co-create with God.
The key to unlocking the door to a Wonderful 2013 is "Focus." Where our mind goes, energy flows...and manifestation follows. Life offers us countless opportunities every day. The offers of fun, pleasure, fulfillment, etc. come to us via the TV, Radio, Computer, Mail, friends and family, etc. They also come from God; Spirit.
Whether we choose to focus on worldly desires or Spiritual desires of the heart and soul is up to us. Through the gift of God called Free Will we have the power to decide.
The secret to having a wonderful is to focus on what matters MOST. This year during the White Stone service, the "word" I was guided to write was "Let Go." While I thought this had one meaning, to one specific area of my life, I am finding that as I ponder the concept of "Let Go," I have found many things holding me back from my dreams and desires. For example, many books which I have read or intended to read for decades but did not. I am boxing them up, giving them to others or bringing to the library. This frees me up to connect with my family and friends, and my desire to write and teach Unity. Time, focus and energy to pursue my MEANINGFUL hobbies, etc.
 What things are distracting you from the desires of YOUR heart and soul...the things that MATTER MOST? In the book "How to Use the Power of Your Word," Stella Terrill Mann says: "Discipline your desires or they will wreck you. Exercise the power to decide or lose the power to do so."
Heavy words! And True.
Today...if possible right now...make a list of the things that matter most in your life. Ask yourself how much attention and action you have given them. Think of areas life like health, relationships, finance, family, home, etc. DO NOT see "how long" you can make the list. Review and refine it to leave the things that matter most.
The key is "Focus." The Secret is "Focus on What Matters Most." Do this and you will have the best year ever!
In His love and light, RevAli   Sean New Years 1970
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Sirach 11:14-17
Good things and bad, life and death, poverty and wealth, come from the Lord. The gift of the Lord endures for those who are godly, and what he approves will have lasting success.
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When the life energy is spent on the mortal plane of consciousness, then the highest form of unfoldment that can be attained is that of the psychic (human) nature. This finally agonizes the soul until it yearningly gropes after the higher life of Spirit, which yearningly opens the way to the real goal of attainment.