James 2:26

 For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so faith apart from works is dead. .


Unity Wisdom

Faith working in spiritual substance accomplishes all things. This is the faith that co-operates with creative law. When faith is exercised deep in spiritual consciousness, it finds its abode; and under divine law, without variation or disappointment, it brings results that are seemingly miraculous.


Meta-Musing ~ The Graffiti Principle
 Blessings to You!

Today is December 21st, 2012. This is the day that the world was supposed to end according to many people. I, for one, am happy that this did not occur. At least not yet.

The big question now, is "What are we going to do with this 'new lease on life' we have been given?" Shall we continue our current direction on the downward spiral of increasing crisis, violence and suffering...or shall we commit to change?

One of the most frustrating things for me, has been the flat-out unwillingness of many people to see beyond their immediate challenge or suffering; to look beyond the effect to the cause that set it all in motion. It was truly said, "None is so blind as one who will not see."

In the Biblical Book of Daniel, Belshazzar the king is having a party. He calls for the vessels his father had plundered from the Hebrew temple to be used to serve wine to his friends, Lords and their concubines. As they are partying a hand appears and writes on the wall. Nobody can discern what the writing says. Having heard of Daniel's amazing abilities they call for him to interpret the message. Daniel announces that it indicates the end of Belshazzar's reign. Still not getting the import of the handwriting, Belshazzar actually rewards Danel. The message was; because of his turning away from God and worshiping false gods, the days of his kingdom were over; that he was weighed in the balance and found wanting. He was slain that night, and his kingdom was divided.

The supernatural writing fortells the demise of the Babylonian Empire, but the term "handwriting on the wall"   has come to have a wide usage today, indicating a warning of danger or misfortune. Today, our crises are the writing on the wall. It is there for every challenge we face. While is in plain sight, and those who are spiritually awakened can interpret it, few ask, fewer are willing to accept the message, and even fewer willing to take action.

This is what I call The Graffiti Principle: "Change happens when we commit to change, are willing to change, and make changes." 

Graffiti is a form of visual communication, usually illegal, involving the unauthorized marking of public space by an individual or group. Typically it is an anti-social behavior. I am NOT referring to the newer "street art" that is painted with the permission of the property owner, and the artist often being paid for their work. Graffiti is an eyesore. It is offensive. It is destructive. Those who spread the plague of graffiti do not respect others or their property. They clearly see themselves and what they want to be or do as being above the law. 

Most people would agree that graffiti is not desirable. However, few people will get paint remover to remove it, or paint to paint over it. After all, it is inconvenient and uncomfortable to do so. Not realizing our Spiritual connection, we tend to see that as someone else's problem. 

This same principle applies to the fiscal cliff, politics in general, interpersonal relationships, gun control...you name it. It is so much easier to gripe and blame than commit to change.

With the increasing number and atrocity of recent events, words like "Prayer," "God," and "Change" are heard repeatedly, but little is happening to make necessary changes. Prayers without action are as useless as calling the "handwriting on the wall" a mural. It is not God's job to swoop in and clean up our mess. God gave us the gifts, talents and intelligence to do so. Jesus promised us that if we used our gifts change will happen. 

The terrible headlines we read every day are graffiti on the wall of human consciousness. The distress we feel when we see and hear them is the handwriting on the wall of  our collective soul. Within each of us lies both the "Belshazzar" consciousness, who does not want to really "read" the handwriting. Another part of our being is "Daniel," fully capable of reading and interpreting the words. Even when it is interpreted for us, it is easier to live in denial than acknowledge our responsibility. But what will happen is that the handwriting will continue and repeat, until the wall is covered. 

The good news is that we can both read and interpret the handwriting on the wall. We can seek the cause behind the painful effects in life.  We can change it!! We can create a world that is safe, prosperous and happy. 

Want change? Want less violence and more compassion? Want to co-create a world that is safe and secure? Apply the graffiti principle. BE the change you want to SEE. Take action. Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

Looking forward to tomorrow; RevAli

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