De-Stressing and Blessing Your Holidays! 
Sunday November 11 at 11 a.m.
Immediately Following Monthly Sunday Service
Spirit of Unity
78 North Moodus Road, Moodus CT

Sunday Service 10 a.m.
Workshop 11 a.m.
The Holiday Games Have Begun! 
Each year at this time, we play games that engage the mind and emotions in ways that can completely steal our holiday joy and peace. The sad thing is that we frequently do not know that we are playing a game...and losing!

Like pawns on a chess board, our attention, thoughts and feelings are used to manipulate us, to our detriment. At the end of the holiday season we typically find ourselves emotionally, mentally, physically and financially drained. What if this did not have to be the case? What if the holidays could bless rather than stress your life? 

Join us in exploring how to do just that! 

Spirit of Unity
78 North Moodus Rd
Moodus Connecticut 06469