October 2013 - Vol. 9, ISS 4 

What's different? Let's start with us.

We help those with facial difference every day. The stories we hear, the people we see, the lives that we hope to change for the better is all part of what we do. We also know that people need to be more aware of us. So, this year, we're starting with a different impression. A different look for AboutFace. One that celebrates visual uniqueness and the diversity of our efforts. And just like those living with facial difference, we're the same on the inside: everything you have come to know and expect remains the same. See more difference on our new website at aboutface.ca.


What can you do?
A little or a lot. It's up to you.

Most of our work is done with help from individuals
like you. Whether financially or with time, our community can always benefit from a little extra boost. It doesn't cost much to send a kid to camp but the return on that investment lasts a lifetime. And it's not only for the kids, the work we do with your help is for anyone living with a facial difference. Find out how you can make a difference, big or small, in someone's life every day. 
How do you esteem yourself?
By John Balogh


Here is what I've noticed. A lot of people mistake self esteem with feeling good about yourself because you are being esteemed by others. Everyone loves a compliment or the continuing support of good friends. But it is hard to live a confident and fulfilling life if your self-esteem is solely based on the voices of others. It's nice that your partner, friend or colleagues think you're great but do you think you're great?


An Honour to be a Pioneer

By Elise J. B. Levitt

It was not unusual for me to awake from a nightmare. However, in the winter of 1976, when I was twenty-three, I realized the nightmares were related to growing up with a cleft lip and palate in the 1950's and 60's. I began to wonder if I was the only one with this residual feeling from all my hospital experiences. 





Families & Facial Difference: An Analysis of Current and Future Research

By Victoria Pileggi


Understanding the impact that a child's facial difference has on the family has been an area of particular interest since the 1970s. Though a wealth of research has been done in this area, most of the studies are limited in their focus, theory and methods; there exists a number of potentially valuable perspectives and models that could serve to enrich society's overall understandings of families touched by facial difference, if the area was explored in new ways.

Share your story
Are you living with a facial difference?
Do you know someone with a facial difference?
We'd love to hear their story and share it with others.
Because we believe it's okay to talk about it.
11 months
The next Facial Difference Awareness Month
is 11 months away. That's about 335 days.
There's a lot happening between now and
then. Too much to tell you about here.

"A facial difference is what I have, it's not who I am."
Find out what this means from those affected by facial difference.
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