February 2013- Vol. 9, ISS. 1    


Happy New Year to you all! A special thank you to all who donated during our Annual Campaign - we raised a grand total of $108,208, of which SAP Canada matched $50,000! With your support, we will be able to do great things in 2013.


Since Valentine's Day is coming up, we thought we would share some love stories from our friends. Also make sure to check out our feature volunteer Suzy, as well as our Events and Resources pages to see what is coming up in 2013!  Enjoy!

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Suzy Stead 

Suzy has been a dedicated AboutFace volunteer for many years. She currently facilitates the monthly Parent Support Workshop Calls, and volunteers at various events for AboutFace. Read how she first got involved with AboutFace and what it means to her: 


I remember the room at Sick Kids and thinking that, although it was bright with colour, it was small. It was there in that small lonely room that I made my call to AboutFace. My beautiful daughter Katie had been born Kate Sadie Joan Atkinson one week prior and along with her lovely name came a diagnosis of Treacher Collins more>>
Pennies From Heaven

On February 4th, 2013, the Royal Canadian Mint stopped distributing pennies. Although the penny will now become obsolete it can still have a great impact! You can improve lives of others by collecting pennies for AboutFace!


Start with designing your own penny collection box!
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John and Nell

by John Balogh   


  It was my misguided dream of playing in the NHL that led to me falling in love with Nell. Nell dreamed of being a hockey player too but didn't really know how to skate. She was visiting her sister in Victoria 16 years ago and wanted someone to go practice her skating with. Her sister invited me, as the only hockey more>> 

Second Look   
by Marlena Blavin and David Roche

The first time I met David, I didn't see his face. I heard his voice. We were volunteering at our local hospital and being trained to give massage to patients. I had arrived late, so had only met Karen, my partner for our first exercise. We were on one side of a two bed hospital room. She was giving me a wonderful foot massage. The warmth of her hands coaxed me into a light-headed trance. I began more>>    

Lighting the Darkness  

by Dawn Shaw - Author of "Facing Up To It"     


"Dawn," the director said, looking up at me in the elevated lighting booth. "This is Ian Shaw." I had just designed and hung the lights for a community theater production of The Music Man and we were entering the final phases of production. The director was new to this particular venue, so she asked her friend Ian, who lit many of the shows at Bremerton Community Theater, the theater she typically directed for, to come and give my design a once-over. "Pleased to more>>   

by Dennis Gardin

Amore = love, affection, fondness, desire. I've always found dating to be an interesting relationship dance. It can be exciting, scary, happy, sad, joyful, painful, intimidating and even a little overwhelming. After being burned in an explosion as a teen and acquiring a facial difference, I didn't believe I would ever be in a real relationship; "why would anyone want to be with someone as unattractive me?" Fear of rejection kept me paralyzed more>> 

AboutFace goes Ice Skating!

Please join us for a fun filled afternoon of ice skating and meeting other AboutFace families on Sunday February 17th from 12:30pm-2:30pm at the Harbourfront Rink in Toronto. RSVP to Amanda at or to our Facebook Event. For more information CLICK HERE.


AboutFace is grateful to Amex Canada Inc. for supporting our educational and outreach initiatives for health care professionals. Click on the link below to preview a sponsored presentation: 

The Effective Professional.


Thank you for strengthening knowledge sharing and support among Canadian experts for and on behalf of individuals with facial differences. 

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