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September 8, 2016  

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The Pier
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Redwood Avenue Boat Ramp Pier to be Refurbished Soon Hooray for Civic-Minded Scouts! 

Over the past several months you've heard me ask our neighbors to get more involved in AOTB. Recently, some have spruced up a common pathway and others have shed light on the need for the humane adoption of rare-breed dogs. Now, one of our younger citizens has found another way to make AOTB a better place to live and recreate, while honing his own personal community service, leadership, and organizational skills.  

James Reno, who lives with his mom and dad, Sheri and John, on Sycamore, reports:

"On September 24th and 25th, James Reno will carry out his Eagle Scout project along with his Boy Scout Troop, 396 of Annapolis. They will refurbish the Redwood Avenue boat ramp pier from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day. We are hereby alerting all of our neighborhood sailors that the boat ramp may be unavailable during all hours for those two days. Most of you have already seen that this small pier is in very poor material condition and presents a safety hazard.  James and his Troop intend to replace the old, worn out floorboards and crossbeams with brand new ones, restoring the structure to its proper condition after years of deterioration from hurricanes such as Isabel, and other major storms.  If you are interested in helping out, please contact James at"

Although he's too modest to say so himself, I can and will mention that James has hit upon one great example of the many ways that our younger citizens can contribute to their community. To paraphrase one of my personal heroes -- can't remember if it was Spiderman or Voltaire -- but, "With great good fortune comes great responsibility." 

Living in AOTB is our collective good fortune and most of us think it's pretty great!

    --David J. Delia
President, POA-AOTB
H: 410-268-8622 C: 443-534-7229