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September 9, 2016  

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The Pier
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Music, Monster Water Slide, Moon Bounce 
Grilling on the Beach 
Sunday, Sept. 11 
4 to 7 p.m.
Volunteers needed. See below. 
Don't forget the AOTB Property Owners Association community picnic on the Magnolia Avenue beach this Sunday!

A DJ with a high-end sound system will preside over dance contests for all ages (with great prizes). The largest water slide in the county (21 ft. high) will cool off adventurers of all ages. A Moon Bounce will warm up the kids. Food and drink will be in abundance.

The DJ will have music for every age group with a kickin' sound system. His mixing and scratching skills will have everyone up and dancing. There will be dance contests for every age group with valuable prizes.

AOTB will have the beach grills all fired up. Main course folks (see below) are encouraged to bring hamburgers with buns for 10 people. Covered dish main courses or hot dogs with buns are also welcome.

Every family is asked to bring a dish to be shared based on the first letter of the last name:
  • A through G should bring a main course
  • H through L should bring hors d'oeuvre
  • M through S should bring dessert
  • T through Z should bring bottled water, soda and other non-alcoholic drinks 
Each family will be charged $20 for ice, glasses, plates, condiments, etc., as well as to offset the cost of the DJ, Moon Bounce, tents and water slide at the event. The association needs to make these events come close to breaking even to ensure we can keep doing them in the future.

We will be providing a porta potty, tables and some chairs but you are encouraged to bring your own folding chairs. We will have some tents for shade and protection from showers. There is no rain day planned. The party goes on rain or shine.

Please RSVP to or 301-904-3690 by so we may plan accurately for the size crowd to expect.

Volunteers Needed!

Most importantly, please donate an hour to help during the party, or if you are a party person and would like to plan dance contests and games with real prizes for the winning teams, we need you! 

Specifically, we need help in these areas at these times:

Set Up - 3pm
Take Money - 6pm
Moon Bounce - 5pm, 6pm
Water Slide - 6pm
Supervise Pot Luck - 6pm
Supervise kids' & adults' dance contests - 5pm
Clean Up - 7pm

Contact Marc Apter, Social Committee Chair, 301-904-3690 or to volunteer.