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August 19, 2016  

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AOTB Late-Summer Reminders

We all lead very busy lives, even we retired slugs, so some stuff can get away from us unless we have a kindly old gent (that would be me) to remind us. Here, then, are a few upcoming dates you all need to remember and, rather than repeat all the details, I've included some handy links.
Monday, August 22 -- AOTB's Day in Court

It's very important to come out and show your personal support for the entire AOTB community in our quest to keep our street ends, our street ends. Read more here. The first court date for the Atterbeary/Coble lawsuit is scheduled at the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court at 8 Church Circle for 1:30 p.m., so be there, please. See the last email for more information.
Saturday, August 26 -- AOTB's Public Service Recognition Day

You may have noticed the poster in the front section of our beach bulletin box that has an updated version of the notice we first put out in June honoring our community's public servants. We really don't have any special "ceremony" planned, but the absolute best way to say thanks to these people is to say thanks to these people. If you see somebody on August 26, please do; and if you don't that day, any day will do. Remember, many of these folks did stuff for you 24/7/365.
Wednesday, August 31 - Friday, September 2 -- The Dumpsters Are Coming to AOTB!

As we notified you in June,  Anne Arundel County will provide us the absolute best "storage solution" for all the junk you haven't used since the Truman Administration--a huge dumpster! So go ahead, take this stuff down to the beach on the designated day (and make sure there's a place to put it that's not on the empty pad) and free up space in your attic, crawl space, garage, whatever, for different stuff.
Sunday, September 11 -- AOTB's Family Picnic on the Beach

Our next issue of The PIER will have all the details, so please read it; but until then, make sure you mark the date on your calendar. Then, plan to partake in one of the best way to meet and yak with your neighbors -- on our beach, over some great pot-luck grub, and with your families.

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