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June 27, 2016  

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Let there be (a tad more) light!
  As promised, we're planning to take a late-night stroll through our better-lit-but-still-not-optimal neighborhood in mid-July. This tip-toeing through the mosquitoes will be to see, literally, where we need more light shed on our roads.

After the county graciously moved us to the head of the line in receiving the new, super-bright and mega-efficient LED street lamps last year, we're gonna go back to ask for more to complete this essential safety upgrade for AOTB. To accomplish this, we'll need your cooperation, so please consider one or both of the following options.
  • Let us know where you'd like to see additional light fixtures. Please specify exactly where and if there is already a pole there to plunk it on. Even if there isn't, we can still ask for one, it'll just take a bit longer to get.
  • Come with us on the evening of July 14 -- that's Bastille day for you Francophiles -- and we'll parade smartly about AOTB, all of it, to see (or not see) for ourselves.

    We'll meet at 9:00 p.m. down by the beach, walk up Narragansett, across Walnut, down Cohassett, across Magnolia, up Newport, across Cedar, around to Niagra and Saratoga, down Rockway, across Magnolia, up the other Saratoga to Myrtle, then wend our way back to Narragansett.

    Of course, we'll send scouts out to recon our side streets along the way, and we'll try to cover the entire neighborhood in a single night. I suspect it will take well over two hours.

    Please wear light-colored clothing, bring a lotta bug repellant and a flashlight, and if you have any safety flashers, wear or bring them too--no sense trying for stealth.
It would also be great if some kind soul would volunteer to mark the map I'm gonna bring, that is assuming I won't be the Lone Ranger on this mission. After it's all over, any thirsty sans-coulottes are welcome to partake of some vin ordinaire (or bière) à chez nous.
So what do you say? Up for a little late-night marche? If so, gimme a call or send me an email so I can chill accordingly.
David J. Delia
President, POA-AOTB
1375 Walnut Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21403-4741
H: 410-268-8622
C: 443-534-7229
Esse erit diduxit rota!