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June 9, 2016  

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Can you help rescue one of the rarest dogs on our planet?
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General Membership Meeting & Elections

Saturday, June 18
Anne Arundel Public Library
1410 West Street
11:45 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.

Please come to your POA-AOTB General Membership Meeting a week from Saturday.

This will be the important elections meeting where you will elect another slate of volunteers that will serve you for the 2016-2017 year. See the June issues of The Pier for the slate of candidates and their bios.

We'll need at least enough for a quorum to start on time and a few to help Donna count the ballots so please be on time. 

In the event that the roof collapses (again) or the A/C fails (again), we'll just camp out on the back porch (again) so don't give up, just walk around back (again). Seriously, we don't expect any problems.

And please be sure to peruse the minutes from the April General Membership Meeting so we don't have to spend any more time than we must on formalities and get on to the good stuff, like Ed Conaway giving us an update on our southern shoreline erosion control project, munching whatever chocolate that hasn't melted, and of course me relating every nit-noid event that's transpired in our slice-of-heaven since the Pleistocene era, or since April anyway.

We'll remind you again, but please put the date and time on your calendar.

David J. Delia
President & General Dogsbody
1375 Walnut Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21403-4741
H: 410-268-8622
C: 443-534-7229
Esse erit diduxit rota!
See Something, Say Something, DO Something
Can you help rescue one of the rarest dogs on our planet
the Chinese Shar-Pei?
By Larry Fredrich
Presidents note:
A while back, we asked folks to explore ways to improve our community through activism. Our neighbors Peggy and Mike started off by planting some beauty along the right-of-way next to their house. Their advisory to "See something; say something; then do something," can take many forms, and our neighbors Larry and Nina have embarked on their own quest for improving lives, including some abused doggies and of course their new foster parents, some of which could be you. Please take a look at Larry's note and see if his way is right for you. And please also continue to send us your own ways to improve our quality of life in AOTB. --Dave Delia, president, POA-AOTB
The dog pictured to the right, 5-year-old Aldo, was seized by animal control officers for neglect and abuse in Puerto Rico, after being kenneled for two months. He also had serious medical issues. After MACSPRO (The Mid-Atlantic Chinese Shar-Pei Rescue Operation, Inc.) brought him to Maryland, he was fortunate enough to find a "furever" home in Annapolis, with us in AOTB. His medical problems have been resolved, and he's become one of the nicest Shar-Pei we've ever had the opportunity to rescue. MACSPRO is trying to rescue and rehabilitate more Shar-Pei and, with your help, we will.
Some historians believe the Shar-Pei to be an ancient breed, dating to the Han Dynasty (200 BCE) and probably originated in the southern provinces of China, where they were valued as hunters, herders, guardians, and fighters. Following the creation of the People's Republic of China, the dog population in that country was practically wiped out; however, a few Shar-Pei were bred in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In 1973, one man, Matgo Law, appealed to Americans through a dog magazine, to save the breed and around 200 Shar-Pei were brought to the US--the progenitors of our current population.
MACSPRO is a privately funded 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (Maryland-based) dedicated to the rehabilitation and adoption of purebred Chinese Shar-Pei. MACSPRO has placed over 1,000 Shar-Pei into forever homes since 1987. 100% of the funds donated go to help the dogs, and MACSPRO is run totally by volunteers. We need your help. Visit to see if there is a dog for you to foster or adopt.