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Nov. 23, 2015  

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Another T-day Reminder

As your resident Turkey-in-Chief, I'm trying to adhere to our yearly tradition of honoring all those of your neighbors and "associate neighbors" who have helped make the past year in AOTB as much of a success as it has been.

Here's my not-so-complete listing of folks I believe merit special mention when it comes to giving thanks. These special folks spent copious amounts of their personal time and effort to make our fair city the great home it has been to us; so, if you see one of them walking down the street, just say thanks!

If I've left out some deserving person, please chalk it up to the diminishing powers of whatever leetle gray cells that are left to me.
- Dave Delia, President POA-AOTB

  • Philip Allen, for his great editorial skills and sage counseling.
  • Tee Allen, for his continued help with our pier.
  • Marc Apter, for the best ever Wine & Jazz Fest and end-of-summer Family Picnic.
  • Kinley Bray, for jumping in on our legal issues--pro bono--always a plus!
  • Alison Buckler, for her 2nd 5K run, and her 3rd Holiday Party.
  • Ed and Cathy Conaway, for the spiffy new kayak racks and dealing with all the grief that went into getting them.
  • Dawn Davis, for jumping on her secretary duties with such enthusiasm and success.
  • Margaret Delia, Toni Ray, and Helene Rodriguez-McConnell, for their delicious fundraising efforts.
  • Pam Duncan, for her past secretarial efforts.
  • Frank Florentine, for lighting up our entry way.
  • Sue Ford, for her professional legal counsel and personal dedication to AOTB.
  • Mike Harris and Mike Adams, for helping keep our homes and families safe.
  • Tim Hamilton, for two great PIER issues, and many more to come.
  • Alan Hinman, for keeping our potholes filled and streets paved, plowed, and salted.
  • The History Committee, for making great inroads on our story this past year.
  • Roy Karten and Alison Buckler, for keeping our grass trimmed and paths chipped.
  • Sheila Keating and Roxanne Veal, for helping to keep us solvent one more year.
  • Mary Lamb (AACo DPW), for getting our new street lights in at light speed!
  • Donna Watts-Lamont and Marc Apter, for making AOTB's 2015 elections the crashing success that it was. Any volunteers to help with 2016? Anyone, anyone, Bueller??
  • Mike Lord and his Traffic Safety Team, for the new traffic signs and safety awareness week activities.
  • Mike Morrison, for managing our community pier.
  • Joe Phillips, for building those spiffy new kayak racks for us.
  • Sheri Reno, for our new neighborhood directory.
  • The Shore Erosion Control Committee--Ed Conaway, Chris Becraft, Tim Hamilton, Sheila Keating, Roxanne Veal, and Dave Zeman--for a great start on making our southern seafront more people and environmentally friendly.
  • Lori Strum, for playground caring, Board chairing, and boat ramp securing (along with James).
  • Elvia Thompson, for keeping up and improving our world-class website (and blasting stuff like this).
  • Dave Zeman, and crew, for keeping our Holiday fires lit.
Have a lovely holiday, everyone.