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Nov. 5, 2015  

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Pier Gate Lock Changed  
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Once again, as a result of repeated acts of vandalism, we've had to change our pier gate lock combination.

This time, the old lock was unrepairable, so we've had to replace the entire mechanism with a much more costly, armored cipher lock. It's not indestructible, but it will hopefully resist all but the most determined vandal's attack. 

The new cipher combination is fairly easy to remember, visually, and is 21435. If we must change it in the future, our remaining choices will be less so. We have also provided for a back-up key system for maintenance and fire department access purposes; however, we will not be issuing keys to our neighbors.  

Our website's "members only" sector (accessible by inserting the member id aotbmember and password baygroup 2010) has been updated to reflect this and we will include notice to this effect in our next PIER.

Boaters should know that we will also be replacing the fire department emergency water pipe that has rotted away over the years, as well as servicing the sewage pump-out station.

In related activity, we have replaced our seagull deflectors, which have worked well in keeping our pier mostly guano free before they too fell prey to both vandalism and the elements.  

We must all be vigilant in preventing, or at least reporting, these acts of vandalism, which have also included removal and/or destruction of our fire extinguishers, life rings, and ladders. We're asking you to help safeguard our new cipher combination by not passing it out to non-members. It is important that we all join us in helping protect our community property, and avoid wasting our tax dollars that might otherwise be spent on making our AOTB home more beautiful and secure.

This Simplex lock should be installed within the next week.