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August 30, 2015  

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It's Traffic Safety Awareness Week

Drive carefully and slowly in our neighborhood. Read more.

Special Opportunity
to tour the University of Maryland's
Horn Point Oyster Hatchery 
Tuesday, Sept. 1
10:30 a.m.
Cambridge on the Eastern Shore 

Annapolis Green invites you to take advantage of a special invitation from the Oyster Recovery Partnership to tour one of the largest oyster hatcheries on the East Coast, the Horn Point Oyster Hatchery in Cambridge on the Eastern Shore. It produces a variety of oyster larvae for use in oyster research, oyster restoration, and educational projects.

Over the past decade, spawning oysters at the Horn Point Lab Oyster Hatchery have resulted in the deployment of over one billion oyster spat to the waters of the Chesapeake Bay in the hopes of slowing the Chesapeake Bay oyster decline and restoring the health of the Bay. Come see for yourself!

We have only 15 available slots. Send an email by tomorrow at noon to to get on the list.

The facility is about 90 minutes from Annapolis, 61 miles from Main Street. The address is: 2020 Horns Point Road, Cambridge, MD 21613.

You must arrive prior to 10:30 a.m. The tour will take about an hour.


The importance of oyster hatcheries is, of course, due to the importance of oysters and the many benefits of oysters enjoyed by not just watermen and the local economy, but also the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem and its tributaries. Oysters are filter feeders and as the "vacuum cleaners" of the Chesapeake Bay a single healthy oyster can filter 50 gallons of water a day. Imagine the cleaning power of an entire oyster reef! Not only that, the oyster reefs themselves make a tremendous habitat for other Bay residents.

AOTB Summer Picnic 
Saturday, Sept. 12 
Magnolia Avenue Beach 
4-7 p.m.
RSVP Today 

A DJ with a high-end sound system will preside over dance contests for all ages (with great prizes). 

The largest water slide in the county (21 ft. high) will cool off adventurers of all ages. A Moon Bounce will warm up the kids.
Food and drink will be in abundance.

AOTB will provide a keg of beer and will have the beach grills all fired up. Main course folks (see below) are encouraged to bring hamburgers with buns for 10 people. Covered dish main courses are also welcome.

Every family is asked to bring a dish to be shared based on the first letter of the last name: 
  • A - F: Hors d'oeuvres
  • G - M: Main course
  • N - S: Dessert
  • T - Z: Bottled water, soda and other non-alcoholic drinks
Each family will be charged $10 for ice, glasses, plates, condiments etc. as well as to offset the cost of the DJ, Moon Bounce, tents and water slide at the event. 

The association needs to make these events come close to breaking even to insure we can keep doing them in the future. 

We will be providing a porta potty, tables and some chairs but you are encouraged to bring your own folding chairs.  We will have some tents for shade and protection from showers.

There is no rain day planned. The party goes on rain or shine.  

Please RSVP to or 301-904-3690 right away so we may plan accurately for the size crowd to expect.

Most importantly, if you can donate an hour to help during the party or are a party person and would like to help plan games with real prizes for the winning teams contact Marc Apter, Social Committee Chair, 301-904-3690 or