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August 20, 2015  

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Please remember that when you are riding a bike you must abide by all traffic laws (stop signs, etc.) while in the community.

Parents: Please remember that AOTB has vehicles traveling its roads. Please work with your children on bike safety.  Please encourage children to stay on the side of the road while riding and to stop at all stop signs and look for vehicles while transiting intersections.  

Drivers: Please remember that AOTB is a RESIDENTIAL community and as such has reduced speed limits. Please abide by these speed limits and be aware of your surroundings in our community. AOTB has many young children that are learning to bike and are not aware of traffic regulations. Remember that it doesn't matter who had the right of way... the goal is for everyone to stay safe!

Let's work together to keep AOTB safe!  Drivers, joggers, walkers, bikers...we all live here!