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July 21, 2015  

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New Community Boat Ramp Lock

Attention boaters!

If you plan to continue using your AOTB community boat ramp, you'll now be required to use our new, keyed-lock system.  


For far too long, inconsiderate folks, both residents and non-residents, have been removing our combination locks, forcing us to change them and their combinations much too often, inconveniencing everyone involved. Others simply leave our gate unlocked for anyone to use or abuse.


To deal with this chronic security issue, Board Chair Lori Strum and her husband, James, have devised a keyed-lock system that should help immensely and eliminate the need to call anyone for a combination.  


Similar to those in use in our neighboring communities, the new lock -- already in place -- can only be opened by a special key that cannot be easily duplicated.

For a cost-covering fee of $5, we'll supply one key to each AOTB member who requests same from Lori (contact her at, or 410-804-4188).


Should you lose this key, or require a spare, a second one will cost you $15. After the initial key(s) are supplied, the cost for new keys will escalate to $25.   


We're honestly not trying to make money, we simply want to help ensure the security of the new system, as well as emphasize the value of the time and effort involved in servicing these requests.

Most importantly, since the new system will require you to engage the lock before the key can be removed, we need everyone to make a personal commitment to re-lock the gate properly.  


It's your boat ramp as well as your community, and ultimately your responsibility to safeguard both!


---David J. Delia, president, POA-AOTB