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July 9, 2015  

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Property Owners Association
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Election Results 


Congratulations to everyone who participated in our little exercise in small d democracy!

Despite a busted West Street Library Branch air conditioner, a hotter-than-usual day, and melting chocolate, and largely due to the resilience, ingenuity, and hard work of a whole lotta people, we still conducted our regularly scheduled General Membership Meeting, albeit al fresco, on the back porch of the Library. 

Our elections committee got back about a third of the ballots sent out and two of our gallant membership tallied up the votes.



Elected to our 2015-26 POA-AOTB Board of Directors:


Aris T. Allen, Jr.

104 votes

Mike Adams

75 votes

Kinley Bray

69 votes

Ed Conaway

62 votes


Thanked very much for participating:


Pam Bennett 

48 votes

Brian Houst

45 votes

Dick Peyton

42 votes


And the results for our four officer positions:



David Delia

106 votes

Vice President

Donna Watts-Lamont

113 votes


Roxanne Veal

103 votes


Dawn Davis

110 votes


Finally, the following write in votes were received for:



Anthony Suggs

2 votes


Barry Dempsey

2 votes


Dave Zeman

4 votes


Pam Duncan

4 votes


The results were accepted by the membership and are deemed "official."


Please join me in thanking our neighbors for their time and efforts to make AOTB all that it is, and all that it can be.  And don't forget to work with our committees to help get all that stuff done that still refuses to do itself!


David J. Delia, President POA-AOTB
1375 Walnut Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21403-4741
H: 410-268-8622
C: 443-534-7229