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May 15, 2015  

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May Pier is Online
Wine Tasting & Live Jazz Party on the Beach
Mosquito Spraying
Spring Comes to Stormwater Project
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The Pier
May issue of The Pier is online.
If you've let us know you  prefer a printed version, no problem. It will be in your mailbox soon. In the meantime, you can read the community newsletter online by clicking here.

Either way, don't miss it! Read about our upcoming election including candidate bios and a proposed amendment to our constitution.

Did you miss an email blast?
No problem. Arundel on the Bay email blasts are archived and accessible from our homepage.
Wine Tasting and Live Jazz on the Beach
Saturday, June 13
4 to 7 p.m.

AOTB's Property Owners Association is throwing another great party on the community beach. Wine tasting will be offered by Bay Ridge Wine & Spirits at no charge to adult community members.

They will select Summer Wines to savor, and their experts will guide party-goers  through some of the best vintages for summer sipping. Wine will also be available to purchase by the full glass and by the bottle.We are also adding some Reserve Wines and great beers for purchase.The Wine and Jazz Party is an adults only event. Details are on page 7 of the May edition of The Pier.
County Mosquito Spraying


Good news! Once again we've been accepted into the Maryland Dept. of Agriculture (MDA) mosquito control spray program. We just got notified that beginning in early June, we'll be sprayed with an ultra-low volume solution, but only if their survey shows it's needed. If so, it would be on a Monday evening no earlier than 7:00 p.m.; however, they have advised us that we wouldn't be sprayed until much later than the official "start" time.


Over the past several years, this spray program has been very successful in controlling the spread of the Asian tiger mosquito, carrier of the deadly West Nile virus, and it's effects are very benign, unless you're a mosquito or drink a couple of gallons of the stuff, neither of which is very likely. Even the bees, who hive at night, are not affected.


That said, it's always a good thing to limit exposure to any chemical, so if you can, schedule your outdoor barbecues for another night and if you see the truck headed your way whilst walking the dog late at night, just pick another route.


And best of all, it's free; except of course for your tax dollars. Unlike taxes, you can opt out, but be aware that if enough folks do so, AOTB may not get sprayed at all. So if you're annoyed by the critters now, imagine what that might mean. For more info please check MDA's super website at or call them at 410-841-5870; or email


For a personal discussion, my good buddy Tony Dewitt is a wealth of information about all things mosquito and I've learned a lot from him and the rest of his team. You can contact him at If you want an even longer-winded rendition, my contact info remains: David J. Delia, home: 410-268-8622, cell: 443-534-7229;  

Spring Comes
to Our Stormwater Restoration Project


Have you seen our bio-retention, wetland reconstruction, and living shoreline project this spring?
Since the planting last summer, the native plants are coming in nicely and it's a great spot to walk and sit and enjoy the view. 


Take a few minutes while the weather is lovely and walk on over to the Fishing Creek end of Chestnut Avenue.

If you're new to the neighborhood, the history of the project, including a video, is here.